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Playing with Fire

            “Who is it!?” I can feel the table shudder from the force of her hands slamming against it. It is silly to me for this woman, whose head barely reaches my chest, to think that leaning down and leering at me will intimidate me. This is something my friend here has been failing at since she had arrived two hours ago, demanding that today I tell her who it was that I met. I can recall, when she arrived two hours ago how the water was dripping down her umbrella and her hair a mess from the storm outside. The actions she takes for this knowledge is absolutely adorable. She is feisty no doubt about it and I won’t fault her for that. After all, I have what she seeks and have been teasing her with this information for a while.


I must keep up the calm façade. I am unwilling to show her my thoughts, so I have stayed quiet. She is biting her lower lip as the fire behind her eyes grows hotter. It would be so easy to excite this further, but can I handle the heat from my dear friend?  Her heavy footfalls against the wood fill the air as she walks around the table. I can see her hand shift a few stray locks of her radiant blonde hair back into place. Perhaps I can reach out and pat her head while laughing and give her the answer she seeks.  It will get a reaction from her, but am I willing too? I mean this is a rare outburst from her. Is it worth giving up my entertainment to satisfy her curiosity? Am I willing to give up the entertainment that this will continue to provide me? A tree bangs against the window as the storm outside my house continues to rage on.


“Now tell me! Who is it?” I can hear a slight ringing in my ear this time and as I feel the table shaking once again. This is enjoyable, normally she was active and happy often reminding me of someone having childish fun, but this fire she has right now is far more enticing. I can feel my lips part as my smile grows into a grin threatening to split my face. I cross my arms slowly, showing my quiet defiance to follow her demand.  She takes a step back this time. Her face falters, and she moves her bangs back behind her ear. I don’t think she was expecting my defiance to last this long. I continue to stare as my grin is unwilling to leave even as I desire to look more passive. She has me under a spell right now as the emerald fire behind her eyes grow into a raging inferno.


I debate my options as she circles the table once more. I can be cheeky with my words and draw this out further, or perhaps I can stand to my full height and tower over her reminding her once again that intimidation in this way really doesn’t work against me. She stops walking this time standing in front of me looking directly down at me. She’s joking right, she does realize this doesn’t work against me? I won’t deny she has my attention though probably not for the reasons she believes she does. I can see her hands rising and I can’t help but think of a small child throwing a tantrum from not getting their way.  I can see the words starting to form on her lips.


“Now. Tell. Me.” My poor table, an innocent victim enduring the force of her hand hitting it with each word. Her eyes stare directly into mine as if she can glean the answer from them. Something she has been unable to force me to give her for weeks. “Or I’ll--” I can’t stop the shift in my face as my grin becomes a smirk. I lean up inching closer to her face. I can feel my hand starting to reach up


“Or you’ll do what exactly?” I poke her nose to emphasize my point. I can’t help myself I have always loved playing with fire. I mean who can blame me, especially when the fire is this adorable, this enticing?

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Everything about this is fantastic. Every single word you use fits right into place and I can't imagine this being written any other way. Bravo. I'm so fucking proud. But on another hand, I need a part 2. You have to do it. This is too cute. 

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