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If you are a little out there, whose caregiver isn’t blessed in the art of cookery, Then here is where you can post some suggestions for when you want to have a night together and a home cooked meal .

What i do is bake or cook ahead kid friendly meals ( today im pre baking then freezing chicken strips) with the instructions for your caregiver, so when its time, they still feel big and like they are providing for you even tho you set it up. any other suggestions. like for accoutrement ( sides, cuppy/ stuffy location, setting up "daddy/ caregiver time)  for forgetful/less domestic caregivers would be greatly appreciated!!



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Maybe finding one pot recipes for a CG would work.

Chili - I use dry beans, so pre cooking those so the CG doesn't have to do it.


Spaghetti could work! If the he/she isn't familiar with making noodles they could always ask their little to taste a noodle. Plus, it is fun and helpful.


Hmmm tuna noodle casserole if the tuna and mushroom soup comes from cans. Then only noodles have to be cooked. Toss in frozen veggies, milk, and cheese! Nothing too over whelming.

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