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New to this scene


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I am new to this scene, but have been curious about it for some time. I am hoping to find some serious and honest advise. I may not know the right questions to ask right now, hell I know i don't, but...yeah


I guess I do have some to ask.

     1) Looking for what I guess is a female middle in AZ? How do I go about finding them?

     2) Is this site purely non/asexual or is it also sexual, and if so, how does that work (not done much rp that way)

     3) Are the members in here typically in a "normal" relationship outside of the dd/lg scene?


Sorry if those sounded stupid, but I am really that uninformed. Thank you for any and all help given.

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Hey there!


Okay first of all to answer the first question we do have a personals section for finding littles and friends, I would reccomend bouncing around the website for a while first because you are new and you should learn what it means to be a daddy before becoming one,


For instance a lot of daddys are under the impression that this is purely sexual when that's not that case. Being a daddy is about taking care of your little mentally, emotionally and physically and every little is different in what they want do definitely hit the chat room and talk to some daddies!


Question two: this isn't a role play site and dd/lg for the most part isn't role play it's a type of dynamic within a relationship, again why I would highly reccomend talking to some members before you end up hurting a little or missing out on something that's awesome.


Some littles are sexual some littles are not. This site is primarily non sexual with sexual topics for those with questions but it's not role play and I haven't seen any thing like that going one.


Question the third: some littles have boyfriends and daddies and some littles have boyfriends and husbands AS daddy's. As I said before DD/lg isn't role play, it's a dynamic in a relationship between 2 people and how it's set up between those two people is as unique as they are.


Check out the forums, educate yourself and please don't try to be a daddy until you really understand what that is, littles can be vulnerable and the last thing you want to do is hurt someone.

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