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Role reversals in your relationship


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So .. I’ve been doing some thinking and, it’s obvious that one thing that really set off the spark for my Daddy and I was role reversal and power play. Before we explored anything CG/l, our relationship was intensely D/s and alot of that came from subverting the roles we appear to have to others.


For example. She (my Daddy) is extremely anxious, has trouble with crowds, dresses like a younger teen unless I help her pick out a good outfit (I LOVE fashion!), can be very naive and to kind for her own good, and isn’t ready to be independent even though we’re both 22. But I’m almost the opposite. I was raised to be poised and perfect. I know how to go after what I want and I get it. I have to be the best at anything I do and I was Queen Bee of our high school. In fact before we got together she was one of the nerds my posse picked on. Horrible I know, but. I’ve learned since then that that doesn’t HAVE to be how I am as a person.


Anyway. To the outside world people would think I’d be the domme. Especially if they looked only from the outside and at our financials and how I take care of her alot of the time. In the bedroom or even just in our non sexual affection though .. it’s the total opposite. I live to serve her and give her anything she needs. And she has this totally hot side of her that comes out in private that’s commanding and self confident and turns me into goo.


So I’m curious. Does anyone else have this kind of dynamic here? I know alot of people have their D/s and CG/l aspects carry over into alot of areas in their lives. And ours do .. but in a way that only she and I can see.



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Guest QueenJellybean

i'm not sure if this counts as the role reversal you're looking for, but i think that it's important we shatter the concept of 

our partners not being able to be vulnerable/emotional without being seen as "the bottom"

(not at all implying that's what you were saying


but, The Giant has a job that is really emotionally draining & a lot of his self-care involves being taken care of. 

so, from the outside, it definitely looks like i'm the one in charge when i'm giving him head scritches & supporting him. 

i'll remind him about upcoming bills, or do our meal plan/prep dinner to take the burden off him, & i'm a big emotional support for him after a rough day. 

he's also not great at remembering deadlines, so i'll encourage him to get work done when he's working from home, too. 

i think it also helps that i have a really independent & strong personality type, so i don't think a lot of people would expect me to be submissive in my personal life.

but then again, i do defer to him in public, follow behind, etc.


but in reality, our relationship is all about equal exchange, beyond our titles. 

i support him as much as he supports me.


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