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My family knowing


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Hey, i'm new to this and I found out I'm a little when my brother yelled at methe and I slipped kinda. I don't have anything to help me, I don't want my family to find out because I don't think they would understand, yes, I still live with my parents, what in flipping donkeys name do I do?
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That's hard but depending on how over bearing your parents are you can alwasy buy suplies onlline under the notion of getting someone a gift, but suplies are always needed? Honestly when I still lived with my mom I just cuddled with a lot of soft stuff(stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, etc) so there's always that


Also I don't think people would judge you for coloring, a lot of people do it to let go of stress so you can always say that


Sorry if that's not helpful, I know being little alone can be really sucky, good luck

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