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Question For Fellow Littles

Guest VesperLozier

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Guest VesperLozier

So I've been slowly learning things about the community, and I have a few questions that may be considered a tad bit weird. Would you be willing to let your mommy or daddy have another little apart from you? If so, would you consider them your brother or sister?


I've been thinking about this the past few days and I have to admit that the idea sound fairly interesting to me. I wanted to see what other little here in the community thought

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Different people will have very different perspectives on your question depending on a wide variety of factors.


Personally, in the case of my Daddy and I it isnt a question of whether I would "let" my Daddy care for another little or not. He has no interest in doing so and I respect him and his decision. To be fair I also have no interest in bringing another little into our relationship. I have absolutely zero interest in play partners.

Our DDlg relationship has everything we need and want so why would we bring someone else into it?


As I said though, you'll probably find opinions will be vast and wide on this question.


Little kaiya

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I am not polyamorous nor into fam roleplay (sister, mommy and daddy for example) so would not. Also not into playing or f*cking around outside of our closed relationship. Including the idea of event play.


It’s just a bit fruity to me personally.

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Definatly not. I'm not interested in sharing. I'm monogamous and straight, no interest in girls. But it's a personal choice. I know of others this works for.
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Guest QueenJellybean

howdy! resident polyamorous bean here!


i wrote an entire resource on polyamory which is the resources section.

you should check it out if you are interested!


this is definitely a lifestyle choice that works for some instead of others, but it's a mutually-agreed upon arrangement. 

it's not a case of "letting" your partner do anything -- if polyamory or an open relationship (two different things!) is something you want to explore as a couple,

discuss it with your partner & make sure you are being completely open & honest about your emotions, including with the person you might want to include. 

nothing is worse (from a third person perspective) in meeting a couple that say they are looking for a sibling/third & finding out your just a relationship experiment.

they are a person with emotions too, & all parts need to be respected. 


back to your specific question -- 

i have several partners & all of them have other relationships outside of me. 

The Giant -- my primary partner whom I live with -- is seeing two other "little" types, who i do consider my siblings. 

we communicate openly & i'm actually really close with his other partners (metamors).

but it isn't for everyone & it's certainly not a decision to be made to "fix" your relationship, or if you're not sure that it's something you want. 


if you don't think you could share your partner, don't.

that's my pretty hard & fast rule.

because other people are going to get hurt -- besides yourselves -- when you try to force yourself to be into something that

you think might please your partner or fix your relationship.

if you both are looking to experiment, that's fine, but be upfront & honest about that with whomever you embark upon a relationship with.

the other people involved should get a chance to decide that they don't want to be a part of your experiment, too. 


good luck & play safe!

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Guest Lynnie_xo

Personally, I am not very good at sharing so polyamory or open relationships are not really my cup of tea. That's not to say it can't be yours though!


There are lots of people in the larger kink community interested in those kinds of dynamics and designating the secondary partner as a brother or sister is a conversation that must be had between the primary partners. 


Sometimes poly and open people like to keep their secondary separate and sometimes they like to create clan-type situations with brother/sister subs/partners/littles. No matter what, if that is something you are thinking about doing I'd be sure that you and your primary partner communicate very openly and honestly with eachother and you agree on the expectations to make it work for both of you. 

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I'm very possessive over my Daddy and personally can't imagine having another little in the relationship, nor do I think is that a wish of his. He has stated that our relationship is very closed and very monogamous. I do however think frequently about should he want to bring another person into the relationship to fill needs of his that I may not be meeting, but that's more of a branch of my own insecurities and not a desire. ^^'

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Theoretically I have no problem with polyamory. But, since my dating experience is pretty low, I can't say how I would feel once I'm in an actual relationship. It would probably depend on the particular situation. Would this other relationship be sexual, would I be interacting with the other little, etc? It might be different if I had a daddy and a mommy rather than one caregiver and another little.


I'm pretty sure if I loved both people involved, I wouldn't have any problem with them loving each other. If I only love one person, there may be an issue, but maybe not. I'm pretty vulnerable to letting people I have crushes on do whatever they want even if it hurts me, so I'd have to watch out for this. Presumably the right person for me would be on guard for it and ask me very specific questions to make sure I'm ok.

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Hey there! I actually have poly experience so I think I can definitely advise here. My Daddy and I are polyfedility so we both date the 3rd person (so I’m dating them and he’s dating them), we treat them as an equal in our relationship as a group and individual relationships, but we don’t date anyone outside us 3 people. We started out trying to date other littles before I realized I’m not attracted to complete subs (just doesn’t work out sexually one on one), but I did have some jealousy issues at first. My best advice is to always say your feelings if you do decide to try it, express any jealousy and remember that your cg doesn’t love you any less.


When we were dating other littles (and eventually switches) I did call them my brother or sister once I was comfortable. The “family dynamic” has helped with some of my childhood traumas.


We’ve found that having an alpha switch works best for our relationship (I now have a Mommy too!), but every relationship is different.

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