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anyone else feel like they are obessed with build a bear.


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I am so obessed with this place I just bought a new lightfurry yesterday and I adore her. I think right now i have about 12 or 13 build a bear  little ones.

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Guest QueenJellybean

i'm not sure if obsessed is the right word, but 

i'm definitely a self-dubbed "stuffie purist" & i generally only buy my stuffed animals from 

Build-A-Bear, unless i'm given one as a gift or it's a special one from an aquarium gift shop or something.


i don't even know why, but they have a different feel at Build-A-Bear!

The Giant got me the massive version, available only online, of my bunny -- Carrot -- for my birthday this year! 

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When I go the people are always so nice and friendly, it may sound odd but I think that it encourages little space and the staff there often speak in a very babying way (even though I'm clearly an adult). It makes it such a unique and nice experience every time! It's a nice place where you can go and feel little and not have to feel self-conscious too much as you pick out all the cute things.

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