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I once had a tv almost fall on me.

Guest The Phantom

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Guest The Phantom

 Not those light present day flat ones either. No, it was an old school boxy one and it was big and extremely heavy. It was also up high on a shelf. I was sitting right in front of it when the shelf became unstable and the tv came down. Luckily, I moved out of the way just in time before it could crush me.

So how about you? Have any of you had some close calls?


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Served in six combat zones.

Spent nine months as an involuntary guest of the former Soviet Union helping them test how much electricity the human body could get zapped with and still live.

Survived six heart attacks.

Snuffed out three times by mom before I was a year old.


Maybe a close call or two...

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Guest Onederfulman
Tv? Combat? I’m guessing the combat will win almost every time. Unless you had a 3D television set, and you only thought it was coming at you, but in actuality it was! Oh, then the hilarity ensues.
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Guest ~*BabyDoll*~

Hm... In terms of close calls for anything, I almost got lost in Washington DC when I was like.. 6..


Me, my sister and grandparents were walking down a really busy sidewalk and I saw a homeless man playing the guitar.


I just kinda stopped and watched him for a moment, we smiled at each other and I turned and my family was gone. 


I started running straight and eventually caught up to them, I don't know what would have happened to me if I just kept watching him.


And I almost got kidnapped when I was 9, but luckily a friends house was right around the corner so I ran there.


A red truck was following me for a while with an older guy that was trying to convince me to get in his car to help him look for his lost dog.


That same guy was arrested later that week for doing indecent things to minors... I am sure you can guess what it was.


He was my friends neighbor that was like.. 4 or 5 houses down.


But yeah, I guess you can say I had a few close calls heh...

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When I was 1-2, I wanted to sled down the big snowy hill in my backyard by myself. My dad let me but didn't realize it was icy. He started running after me when it became clear my sled was going way too fast towards neighbors houses, but couldn't catch up. But (by a miracle my parents say) instead of crashing into something that could injure me, my sled bounced off a tiny sapling tree and dumped me harmlessly into a snow pile. Apparently I was happy and giggling the whole time, unaware of what could've happened.


Also once while skiing I accidentally got turned around and for several seconds was going down the hill backwards. I was really afraid, but with adrenaline managed to turn myself back around before potentially crashing into a tree or going off a cliff. I stopped at the first flat part of the hill to calm down, and some lady who was behind me must've thought I'd done it on purpose because as she passed me she shouted "that was awesome!" :lol:


And just last year, on another skiing trip, I totally wiped out going down a hill too advanced for me. It was marked intermediate but was more like an expert and was steep and had mogles. I couldn't stay slow enough and launched off a mogle, losing both my skis and sliding at least 40-50 feet down the slope. I was not wearing a helmet, so the possibility was there of a head injury, but I thankfully landed uninjured. And my dad was behind me on the hill to collect my skis and help me get them back on, which was exhausting (to balance on an unstable foot on a steep hill). I called it quits for the day after that (it was afternoon anyway).


So, uh, lots of sled/ski accidents that could've turned bad but didn't.

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