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Sadie Tremaine

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Just out of curiosity, when you are in little space do you tend to enjoy the current kid entertainment and activities or do you prefer the trends from when you were biologically little or a little of both? 

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Guest QueenJellybean

for me, even though i don't identify as a little, finding something i really treasured as a child + forgot about

makes my whole heart happy. 


old disney movies (especially the disneyland sing-a-longs!)

winnie the pooh

ramona + beezus series

the magic treehouse

dunkaroos, snacks like that. 


it's a special kind of vulnerability to be able to enjoy those things that we loved a kid as an adult, in my opinion.

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Yeah Id say a little of both.  I love 80/90's cartoons but I do enjoy some nowadays cartoons like MLP and TeenTitans Go, Amazing Gumball and some others.

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Guest ~*BabyDoll*~

A little bit of both. 


I still watch allllllllll the stuff I watched when I was a little girl, I have it all on DVD hehe!


Some new stuff.. I don't really watch too much of unless it is on Cartoon Network. That's where my favorite new stuff is!


But I watch all the new Disney movies all the time! My favorite newer one is Coco! ^^

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For me, it's mostly old stuff from the '90s or earlier. I also grew up with some of my uncle's kids books from the '70s (which I've informed my relatives that when my small cousins are done with them I want them back), and some old vintage wooden pull toys that were always at my grandma's house.


I have practically zero interest in newer Disney movies or new cartoons. Not that I watch many movies/cartoons nowadays, but if I feel like something I'd rather watch The Muppet Show or Looney Toons.


And if we're talking computer games, give me Chips Challenge or the original Roller Coaster Tycoon all the way. I don't even understand modern video games - too complex.


I've mentioned my little music tastes on various posts here before, but I don't have much interest in modern pop music. Traditional working songs like I've Been Working On The Railroad or The Erie Canal, old old popular music like Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built For Two) or Pony Boy, old standbys like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, etc are more my taste. Also songs I learned at Girl Scout camp as a kid like Barges or Spider's Web.


I love vintage things anyway. Old pretty glassware instead of plastic, antique stores, etc.


But if it's food, I don't want most of the (processed food) things I ate as a kid. No Jif/Skippy peanut butter (I only want the simple organic ground up peanuts kind now), most of the candies are too sweet, I ate this artificially flavored/colored mac n cheese I don't think even exists anymore, I want real yogurt now not Trix "yogurt", etc. My little self usually likes to eat according to natural instincts (i.e. very salty food when my body needs salt, very sour food when my body needs acid, very bitter food when I have a stomachache, etc) It can look strange sometimes like eating whole fresh basil (it can be very strong tasting), licking salt, etc. Except I have a weakness for chocolate chip pancakes.

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I'm usually very emotional and clingy after spending time in littlespace. That said my Daddy is there to comfort and soothe me until I come out of it fully and reset my mental state.


He always starts with lots of hugs, cuddles, kisses and snuggles and the slowly helps bring me back to a more adult state of mind.


I rarely enter littlespace without without my Daddy present as that's how he, with my informed consent, has trained me. The couple of times I've entered littlespace without him it just wasnt the same, wasnt as relaxing and energizing and didnt feel as enjoyable. I know some littles enjoy littlespace on their own but for my Daddy and I it's a shared loving state that we reserve for when we're together.


As a caveat, I do have periods of feeling younger which can and do happen when we're out together but full blown littlespace is at home, in the hotel room if we're travelling or special times like camping where we're secluded.


Little kaiya

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