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Is it wrong?

Double Side Daddy

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Is it wrong of me as a DD to get sad or down when my praise or care isn’t recognized? For instance my little does somthing that I’m happy about I say “that’s daddy’s little girl, good job!” And the response I get has nothing to do with my praise. I don’t praise often maybe once every two days, is it wrong to get sad when you show that you care and it doesn’t get noticed or recognized?
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Guest QueenJellybean

i don't think it's wrong persay, no emotions are inherently "wrong", but i do think that it's a bit of mind-reading behavior. 


i mean, look at it from the sub's perspective. 

if there was a submissive posting "i'd really like my accomplishments to be acknowledged and praised more."

we'd probably all tell her to communicate with her partner, right? 


your partner probably has no idea that you'd like a "thank you, daddy." after complimenting her.

maybe she's too embarrassed. 

maybe she feels like it's unnecessary to say.

maybe she doesn't know if she should acknowledge the praise. 

maybe a lot of things that only she'll be able to tell you.

so talk to her about it, just like you'd want her to talk to you if she felt like she was missing something.



is it wrong? 

absolutely not. 

is it a bad thing that she doesn't comment on the praise? 

probably not. 

will it change if you don't say anything about it? 

definitely not. 


your feelings are super valid + super relatable.

thanks for sharing them.

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I really struggled with answering this one so I'm glad someone went first and gave me something to think about! 


For myself most of the time I interact with my partners through the computer, so a response is necessary otherwise the other person could be presumed to be busy or perhaps have fallen asleep (yes that has happened to me before). One of my "catchphrases" has always been "I can't hear a nod". 


I agree that you do need to communicate with your little about expectations where this is concerned, but on the other hand for reasons I've stated above I can't fathom a scenario where someone doesn't speak when spoken to. (But maybe thinking that your little doesn't respond at all is an assumption on my part.) Also, I'm from the South so not doing would be considered rude, and not "sending a thank you note" is also frowned upon. 

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As always Jelly saves my day, I should be more open with my communication rather than try and hide my feelings or be ashamed. Your the best jelly!
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