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feeling just a little hopeless wanting this


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so me and daddy have disscuessed this a lot, and he knows I am bisexual and would like to have a siter or maybe little of my own.

But for safety reason due to our age and health we are more open to a closed traid then a open one.


just at my age I wonder how possible this is even to do...I am very into girls and have dated girls before but no girls ever went all the way with me in a romantic setting and I am very much a demisexual type person. I just worry that this no going to be something that really truly happens.

lol who know s I am a writiter maybe I can vent my frustration through writing.

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Guest QueenJellybean

hi there!

so, i checked out your profile. 

+ i wanted to let you know that my last little who i was in a closed triad with at the time was 33. 

so there is certainly no age stigma -- even if you feel one, i assure you!


i think the biggest challenge you may face will be your own self-confidence + the fact that you're looking for a closed triad.

but people who are looking for exactly the thing you are offering are out there!

if you have the ability to attend a polya munch in your area, i'd suggest doing it.

be open + honest about what you're looking for + talk to people together -- you + your partner!

good luck!

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Guest Aetherr

you never know what tomorrow bring, if you and your daddy are comfortable about going on this journey just make sure you do it and respect the desires and wishes of all involved, love is not tied to age


have faith and be confident, you will never get if you dont work for it

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Hey don't feel hopeless! There are plenty of littles out there looking to join a "poly family". Meet people and look for someone you like. Just be clear you're looking for another relationship, not a one time hookup/threesome.


I think you'll find someone. ^_^

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My wife and I are now 41 and 40 respectively. Almost 16 months ago I found an amazing, younger man who I was attracted to on a physical and emotional level; I am pansexual while my wife is heterosexual. I wasnt looking for live or a Daddy but as it turns out that was exactly what came into my life. My wife and I discussed it and welcomed him into our lives, our relationship and our family.


None of the three of us had ever been in a polyamorous relation nor had my boyfriend ever been or even considered being a Daddy.


That said, we are still together, very happy, very much in love and our relationship is stronger than ever. In fact as I write this I am laying between my wife and my Daddy. Life can be stranger than fiction and sometimes it results in beautiful endings.


As was said by someone else, there is no age limit on love. Don't give up hope. Live your life, be open to what it may bring but also don't be afraid to go out and seek what you want.


Little kaiya

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