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Unsure of Terms: What applies


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Hi, I'm new to this scene and this is not in a any way to be disrespectful but I'd like to know exactly what to call myself and if I actually fit in here.


I'm a young adult who doesnt necessarily wish to be a little. Coloring books and that young of an age play just isnt my style, and neither is being a teenager, though its a bit more appealing.


Is there a term for someone who simply wants a daddy to reassure them after a hard day of work, maybe take charge of their life here and there, while understanding they are equals in the role play relationship?


I must confess, after taking care of people so often, being able to just hug someone and have them whisper how good of a boy I am, would probably break me at this point.


Also forgive this being long winded, wasnt sure how much to put out if there was a proper term for it.

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Guest Aetherr

it may well be the case that you want to call yourself a little (which is fine) but you do not have a littlespace (which is fine) you dont strike me as a submissive (which is fine) so being with a dominant might work but maybe you would prefer someone who is less interested in rules and punishments and someone who prefers looking after you and roleplay


there is no reason to say you dont belong here, if you want to be here then its nobodies right to say otherwise



maybe you neew to spend a bit more time learning about yourself possibly reach out to a few people on this website who are willing to play with you and see what feels good

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Guest QueenJellybean

you've just described my relatonships! haha!


i also do not identify as a little, and while i do enjoy some aspects of "being small" such as coloring books and things meant for children, 

age play does nothing for me, and i don't fit in with a lot of the "little" stereotypes. 

i don't even call my partner "daddy"!


i personally identify as a submissive with small tendencies, but the thing i've learned the most in this community (BDSM as a whole, really)

is that labels are what you make them.

there probably isn't an "official term" for what you're looking for, and that's totally okay!

identify however you want to identify!

as for fitting in here, if you think you can benefit from being here, you fit. 

simple as that. 


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Thank you, to those who have commented. Im also not that tech savy so I may be going about this the wrong way of replying. But I do appreciate it and I'll keep it all in mind moving forward!
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For a long time I didn't think I was a little either. I don't really regress to a certain age (my "little age" is just an estimate) and I don't think of it as a kink like some people do. I'm just me. But, I've realized I can be little in any way I want. I don't have to watch cartoons. I don't have to color (I didn't even like coloring much when I really was a child). I don't have to reject my veggies or whatever other stereotype there is. I can be trusted with scissors and other sharp objects, using the oven and other hot things.


I'm just free to be me without fear of what other people think. Maybe I'm more of a childlike adult. I'd like a partner someday who will accept me just as I am and encourage me to be more myself. I'd like them to care for me and cuddle me and tell me I'm good. I want to look up to them and be inspired. I don't need or want the strictness and the punishments. Mild d/s is ok for me but nothing heavy.


There's no special term. Just be you and tell other people who you are. Welcome to the forum. :)

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So, I don't want to go over ground that's already been covered so well but I'd like to add that these kind of things can also shift throughout your life or from one day to the next.

So even if you find the perfect label now you would probably need to re-evaluate it at some point. A label has the significance you want to give it. The important thing is figuring out what you want or need and then communicating it.


Best wishes ❤



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