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Little without little space?


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I am exploring the right side of the slash after several years on the left side. I have noticed some "little-like" tendencies of mine sometimes when I spend time with my Sir, I adopt a slightly different voice, feel and act smaller, would almost say more "innocent". I have called him Daddy occasionally but it doesn't quite fit as a title.


I had been in an abusive relationship previously, and since then I have been working on breaking habits and thoughts I have left over. In my day-to-day interactions with my Sir I carry this little bit of worry and fear in the back of my head that acts up whenever he sighs, grumbles, gets irritated, or his facial expression or tone of voice change to anything that could potentially be seen as negative. However, I have noticed a tendency to disregard this worry whenever I feel little-like, I feel a bit more carefree. 


I'm wondering if this is my little side, as I don't feel any type of actual little space (but I do have a subspace, petspace. and painspace). Is it even something that would make me a little in the first place? Is it possible to be little and not have a little space?

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Ah man, that's a struggle, but honestly 'little space' is basicly what you make it to be


so like if you feel the need or just want to have some stuffies and be more innocent then so long as you're not getting hurt then there's no problem, just be safe yo

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Guest QueenJellybean

is it possible to be a little without a little space? 


in fact! lots of littles do!

lots of people with little spaces don't label themselves as little, either!

even further, there are folks out there (like myself) who don't have a little space, and aren't littles, 

but still consider themselves members of this community.

i call mine "small tendencies", you can call yours "little-like".


life is what you make it, and so is this community.


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