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Diaper/pull-ups for petite littles?


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hai, I've been a part of the DDLG community for the past year now and I have discovered myself as a little. But just recently bout two or so months ago I have been thinking about trying out diapers or pull-ups because my little age is 2-5 years old and there have been times where I'm in littlespace that I wish I was wearing a diaper/pull-ups to use due to my little ages. I've been searching and searching but because I am so petite and tall I am worried that the diapers/pull-ups won't fit me correctly like they are supposed to. I'm 5'8 without my boots on (country girl and proud) and I'm barely over 100lbs... PLEASE HELP! :( 

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Guest crazycatdaddy

Just like with finding the right clothes to wear, there's going to be a size that'll fit. So don't worry!


Do you have a measuring tape? You can get a basic tailor's measuring tape for only £2 - £3 on somewhere like Amazon, and when you have that, run it around your waist and hips at the widest points. When you know your measurements to the nearest inch or centimetre, look at the different brands and check their sizes. They all go by waist/hip size, not weight, as that's a more accurate way to ensure a good fit. Two people could each be 5'8" and 100lbs and yet have different waist/hip sizes, so it's definitely worth measuring yourself. Maybe you're a small, medium, or possibly even extra-small depending on the brand. The bigger adult diaper brands do a range of sizes so you'll definitely be able to find at least one that's good.


Many sites here in the UK offer sample packs, so you could get one or two diapers to try to make sure the size is right before committing to buying a full pack or case. If you're unsure about sizing or if you're close to a transition from one size to the next, that's a great idea and could save you money.


Pull-up type diapers are much more forgiving due to their elasticated sides, but again once you know your measurements you'll be able to know what size would be best.


As for specific brands, you could look at abri-form, tena, or lille to get started. They're all fairly plain, but one really fun thing to do is customise your own diapers with stickers! There are AB/DL brands that make printed diapers in various patterns, brands like ABU or bambino come to mind.


Final note - if you're just wearing the diaper and not "using" it, it doesn't really matter if it's a tiny bit loose!

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Guest LeftyGuitar

I'm a slimmer little. Size-6 baby diapers should fit you fairly well. Also, pull-ups should fit as well. I know, cause I fit into them.

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