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Surprise Little Space


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Before I knew I was little, once I decided to put my hair in pigtails before going to my friend's house. I was playing a board game with a group of friends and at the end kinda threw a mini fit when I didn't collect all the pieces I wanted. I knocked my head on the table and shouted "no" in a high pitched voice. My friends just decided I was hungry ("hangry" they said) because it was almost dinner time and rolled with it (we then ordered pizza). However, I was wondering why I acted like that and later I searched online and found this community, which made perfect sense. :) I've realized I've been little sometimes my whole life, but never thought too much about it. Just this time happened to be more dramatic than usual probably set off by my pigtails and feeling comfortable around my friends.

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Oh gosh, plenty of times... my mom would drive by a farm or a little island off the freeway and there would be animals. 
Ofcourse on the outside I had the most excited and intrigued look in my face like I've just seen a unicorn lol.

Lowkey on the inside though I was narrating them to myself, especially the baby animals near the adults!

Sometimes going on walks and I'd see a butterfly or something and squeal in my highpitched little voice - flappy caterpillars are cool!

But yes, I can agree with teacup, I believe one time my mom would ask me what I wanted from the store or Wendy's and I'd say "Chicken nuggies with some apple juice peas" and she looked at me like I was an alien lol. I have a feeling my mom knows I may be a little since she sometimes gifts me smiley fries and chicken nuggies..... hm... ^_^

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Guest ~*BabyDoll*~

This actually happened to me a few days ago at our local drive in!


My Daddy and I went to the arcade and I went full on little mode there(which normally happens when I go to the arcade), but when we went back to the car I was surprised to still find myself in little mode.


Some of you probably think it makes sense, but for me, right after I leave the arcade, I normally go right back to my big age!


But I kept holding onto Daddy's sleeve and he kept having to pat my head saying "Is everything okay babydoll?" Because he noticed I was still in hardcore little space, he put me in the back of the car(we were using his wagon and made the back into a giant bed!) and he pretty much tucked me in and sat with me, giving me pizza and stuff!


I didn't expect to go into little space at the drive in, but it happened! ^^

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Guest LostCaterpillar

Literally any time I go to an aquarium, or see the sting rays at the zoo, I immediately go into little space. My family just sort of knows I'm obsessed with animals so they don't think much about it, hehe

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