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A Mommy & A Daddy?


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Although I'm currently in a relationship where this would not work, I've recently found myself day dreaming about having both a mommy & a daddy who would share me as their little. Virtually no one on tumblr, instagram, or anywhere else has information about these types of relationships. Has anyone here been in one? If so, how did it work & would you recommend it to anyone else who is interested?  :heart:  *glitter*

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You have not been searching well.


What you are looking for is a polymorous relationship with a daddy and a mommy. 

It's not impossible yet it's a hard relationship to accomplish since all third parties need to agree on the relationship status and for the goal you want, to work all together. Yet it's worth the shot ;3


I have been one, yet it was for a short time after I was left out, but still. It's a very special and high rewarding type of relationship

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Guest crazycatdaddy

As mentioned above, this is a polyamorous (or simply poly) relationship, and they aren't all that uncommon any more. There are several threads on the forum about poly relationships if you wanted more information.


The most important thing is making sure everyone involved agreed with it. I've met people in the past who said that they wanted me to be their caregiver while trying to hide the fact that they had other caregivers already, and that's just not very nice. But plenty of people are either totally okay with polyamory or are at least interested to try it. You mentioned that your current partner wouldn't be okay with it, and that's unfortunate if it's something you really wanted to try.


I guess the other thing to consider is that in the CG/L community there tend to be fewer mommies than there are daddies. Finding people who would be willing to take on the kind of relationship you're interested in would probably take some time, though from time to time there are posts in the personals section where a couple are looking for a little to "adopt", so be sure to keep an eye out if it's something you'd like to pursue.


Any relationship has good moments and less good ones, and the reality of any relationship can fail to live up to the fantasy if we put it on too a high a pedestal. But if it was something you really and truly wanted, you'll find a way to make it work!

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