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Where to buy cute with childish figures lg panties that fit adults?


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Hello everyone,


Where do you guys buy cute, childish panties with figures like hello kitty, care bears, rainbows, hearts, stars, candy, abc blocks, unicorns, teddy bears,etc., that sort of stuff that an adult woman can fit into? Preferably from a shop withen the EU. We can't find really cute ones that are big enough for my wife's size and we have looked at the children section in many stores but the biggest size is almost always too small (my wife has a hip circumference of about 98cm) and usually not as cute as the panties made for small children. I've read several threads on here already with suggestions about stores like Kmart, Wal-Mart, target, these are Americans stores that don't ship to my country and there's no Primark either. Seems like a lot of people are buying large children's panties (and adult size) from those store that fit so I'm hoping there are similar stores in the EU that I missed. If we have to order from outside the EU that's fine as long as they will ship here and not charge ridicules prices. Any help will be highly appreciated. TIA.

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Guest crazycatdaddy

I found a website on Google called DDLG Playground which had a small selection of the kind of products you mentioned. It's a US site but they ship worldwide. I've never used it so I can't comment on prices or shipping costs but maybe someone else will be able to tell you more.


Also on Google I found another DD/LG-themed shop, The Littlest Gift Shop. Another US-based site that offers worldwide shipping.


Perhaps it's worth investigating one or both of those to see what you and your partner think. Best of luck with finding what you're after!

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My hip measurement is about 100-101cm and I wear a US size Small panty and I buy mine from places like Target which is an American store as you mentioned you don’t have access to :(


You can try shops like Hot Topic which I believe is international. I have found several cute panties there in the past sold in packs and individual pop culture character ones. (I just checked and these not a good selection right now though)

https://www.hottopic.com/torrid/customer-service/faqs/td-customerservice-faqs-international.html (Sfw)


And some American brands like Hanes, Fruit of Loom, etc have children’s/juniors sizes 16 which is about size 2-4 US. You might be able to order these internationally on Amazon, though may want to check measurements on the package.

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Thank you guys for your responses. Perhaps I should've mentioned that we have actually looked at stores like Amazon, etsy, eBay, aliexpress. They seem to have some stuff but we haven't really found what we're looking for yet. All the really cute stuff are for smaller children or there was some other issue. These type of stores have so many products that it takes up a lot of time to flip through XD so we are still flipping through. We have actually ordered from aliexpress and there's a few things we are considering in Amazon but like I said, the really cute stuff are too small.


We have also looked at DDLG playground, the littlest gift shop, since they came up on Google search when you type words like "DDLG panties" but they didn't have what we are looking for. Incase you didn't know a lot of those products from those types of shops can be found on aliexpress for cheaper. And certain shops like Kawaiibabe seems to have certain panties that only have one size like xs-small which is too small for my wife. They write for example on that ice cream undies link "Size: Waist: 57-70CM / 22.3-27.6" Hips: 62--67cm (Ladies Size XS - S)"

And those other panties were the same size ...my wife has 98cm so those are way too small. Although I question their conversion because when I looked on Google for US small to cm size I came up with a much bigger size.

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