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People who inspire you


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We all have people who inspire us, from famous people, to our family members, to random people on the street. Let's have a thread where we celebrate the inspirational people in our lives. No need to list everybody, but if you wanna tell a story, go ahead!


Four years ago, I was inspired by an older woman I saw at the farmer's market. She must've been in her 80s or something but her gray hair was in pigtails and she had the cutest basket she was carrying around. Until that moment, I sadly thought pigtails were only for children and I couldn't wear them anymore, but this woman made me realize I could have my hair in pigtails no matter how old I was. I thought "I want to be just like her when I'm her age!" :D Three cheers for anonymous elderly pigtail woman!

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Edit, forgot the important part:


cheers, cheers, cheers for anonymous elderly pigtail woman!


She is awesome, and I love pigtails too. Just hearing the story makes me happy for I have/had same issue as you even it is sort of ridiculous. We need people like her :wub:





My mother. ( This is lot to say from "daddy's girl" like me  :p:rolleyes:  )


We may not have that pleasant past but one thing I really admire in her is how she can always see the bright side of things. She can turn pretty much anything into something positive, even the worst stuff in life. Find something good in all.


I used to think I'm super negative person but luckily I have started to see that maybe I did inherit something good from her and have somewhat similar life view. It makes life so much better imo.


She says that she was "born under lucky stars" but I think it is just how she chooses to see things and appreciate the nice stuff.



Three cheers for people who can see the silver lining and focus on good!

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Okay so first of all: awesome topic! ^_^


I think if we get the right perspective most people are able to teach us something good (even if the lesson is that we want to do something completely different of what they're doing). ;)



I feel inspired by my sister's dedication to keep things together for her children after her husband left her and she lost her job because her boss thought becoming a single mother would make her too unreliable.

It's truly amazing how hard she fought and how much she achieved.


I feel inspired by Joanne K. Rowling for starting to write during a time that seems to have been really desperate for her and I'm in awe of the success she had and while she certainly has her flaws, she has some truly great qualities and I always got the impression that she means well with the things she does.


I feel inspired by the people who come out and share their vision for a better world and how they think we can get there. Especially in the face of adversity and when they stay willing to listen to and consider different perspectives and continue to improve when they feel improvements can be made.




I'm inspired by my personal guardian angel who has gone and is still going through a lot of difficulties but is miraculously willing to care for me and be there for me - sometimes before I know that I need to take a break - and can bring out the best that I have to give and keeps believing in me no matter how much I might screw up from time to time.

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I first want to start off by saying this is a really awesome topic and I'm glad you started it! It's good to be reminded about important people in our lives, even if they are random people we see out on the street, who inspire us to wear our hair a certain way, or remind us that it's okay to wear the clothes we like.


I have a lot of different people that I admire, for a lot of different reasons! The first person that comes to mind though, is my mother. I admire her strength and perseverance through tough situations. I lost my dad to lung cancer when I was 11, and after that we moved to a whole different state to be closer with our family. Although my mom and I are going through a rough situation right now, I also admire her courage to seek the help she needs to get better so she can have an overall healthier and happier lifestyle and relationships with others.


Thanks for posting!



Junebug xxx

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It is hard to pick one or two people that inspire me so I'm going to pick the three strongest and most inspiring people in my life.


Like others my mom is a source of inspiration for me. She ran her first full marathon at 65 after being told by her doctor she would never succeed. She lost my dad this past Fall but still is out every day living life, she's actually taking me sky diving next year. She took me coming out as gender fluid in stride even though it was confusing for her. She is always respectful, open, hard working and loving.


The second person is my wife. Over our 15 years together she has dealt with my depression, gender fluidity, pansexuality and request for a poly relationship with open arms, warm, strength and love. Even when I'm down on hard on myself she is always there like an eternal rock of strength. She gives back so much to our community through her Sorority work and is always an open voice of reason and caring.


Finally, but not last, is my boyfriend/Daddy. Even though he is younger he demonstrates a maturity and open heart that most people will never achieve. He is transgender and watching him deal with those challenges with quiet strength was what gave me the strength to be fully open at work and with my family and friends.


All three of these people inspire me to be stronger, work harder, be more open, accepting and in general strive to be a better person. I love them and am constantly impressed with them and thank my lucky stars to not just have them in my life but also to have them love me.


Little kaiya

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Guest Avi

My girlfriend. She inspires me in so many ways. I have never met a more dedicated human being in my life. She has a goal and does not let anything get inbetween her and said goal. She's amazingly kind and loving to everyone around her and constantly aspires to do better. She always makes sure that I'm alright and never makes me feel unloved. She's a shining ray of light wherever she goes and i feel it with every word she speaks. Her gentle yet dedicated way of life inspires me to make the best of what i have. She makes me want to get me off my ass every morning.


I love you baby♡

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