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What exactly is a dominant little?


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I always imagined it like a spoiled princess (or prince) way who's like "daddy! come here and make me feel good!"


If you wanted to try being more dominant with your daddy (in the bedroom I'm assuming) maybe you could try directing him in how you want things to go. "Daddy, I want you to do ...." or "Daddy, touch me here". You could also be on top. You could talk to him like "you always take care of me so good" or something. And ask him what he likes!

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Thanks for the advice! I’m looking for how to be more dominant while little in the bedroom AND out, just for clarification:)
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Guest Ttul

Well as a dominant little I can only speak for myself, but I would definitely not define myself as a brat, or wrapping anyone around my finger. That would be a princess type or a brat.

Simply put , I am a Dom like any other, who happens to like to color and other little things. I don't need rules or constant looking after as I take care of myself.

Brats are brats, and are not the same thing in my book.

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I think in this dynamic a lot of what makes the little dominant is how the daddy responds. For example, a naturally dominant daddy would not stand for a demanding/bratty little. He would seek to punish, correct her and show her who is boss. She would have a very hard time asserting her dominance with such a daddy. For the little to have any control, the daddy has to be willing to submit to her demands... or unable not to resist. This kind of daddy would be more of a "yes princess, anything to make you happy" kind of role. He would be more easily weakened by the little's manipulations, whether it be blackmail, the threat of chaos/upheaval or simply a cute pout. He basically adores his little so much that he cannot bear to see her unhappy, even if she's behaving like a spoiled brat.

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Guest You&me
At one time I had a Little who got everything she wanted, and I made sure she received everything she had her heart set on. And even though I was referred to as the domme and her the sub, in all reality she was calling the shots and I was happily supplying. She hated when I jokingly referred to her as 'the little domme', but in a very real sense she actually was! So in some relationships within ddlg the actual barriers and boundaries can be quite confusing and sometimes hard to actually define. But I also realize that our particular dynamic is not what some would refer to regarding what they consider a domme Little to actually be, but to me anytime someone is calling the shots they are in the "boss" position of sorts, and this applies outside of ddlg as well. Edited by You&me
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I agree with the comment here.  But I particularly like the point made by ttul.  I think that being a brat is not equivocal to being a little domme.  I think of bratz as asking for things and defying rules.  However, little dommes moreso command and make rules.  To me (I know this isn't for everyone haha), I think of it like hearing "pleeeeeeassssee colour this with meeee" versus "color this for me".  And this attitude and energy carries into different parts of the relationship.  but that is my opinion I guess.  I think it is more akin to being a domme and just liking little typical things.  There is still instances of issuing commands and making rules, just cutely I guess???????? The energy kind of reads like "I am cute AND I am in charge".  But that is all just based on my experience and that of people I've talked to who consider themselves little dommes as well.


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