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What did people think when you told them about DDlg?


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So, I've been slowly coming out to some friends about DDlg and how I'm interested in it and such.  I wasn't sure how people would react, but it seems that they are way more tolerant than I thought they would be. lol  In fact most have said, yeah, I totally see you into that.  :lol:  In fact I told one of my ex-bf's (I still talk to a few of them)  yesterday and today he asked me if I was a good princess ( I said no) and he said he's going to have to spank me when he gets back into town on Monday.  LMAO  THAT totally took me by surprise!  


Has anyone else found that people seem a little more tolerant about DDlg?

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I have found over the years (I have been a Daddy/Dom for over 10 years) that people have become more tolerant of it as it has been portrayed in the media along with BDSM as a whole. I think there is more understanding of it and that is certainly the case with younger people I think. There certainly are still some that do not "get it" and are against it because they think there is an incest component to it. However, I have found that once I explain it to them they understand the dynamic better but still are not fans of it. It has come up in my family for sure when I have had one of my littles attend events with me and they call me Daddy. For the most part it certainly is more understood now and people are more tolerant of it even though they may not understand it. 

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Back in February I told one of my friends I thought I was a little. I was a bit embarrassed and unsure, but I thought I should tell her since I was starting to act more and more little around her. I said I had looked up why I was behaving a certain way online and found out it was a thing to feel like a child sometimes. She told me she had heard of it and it must mean I felt comfortable around her (and my other friends). She wasn't quite sure what to think about the ddlg aspect of it because she thought it was weird to call your significant other "daddy" or "mommy" but admitted maybe she just wasn't open minded enough. But she said she likes when I'm cute and I can keep being myself around her as long as I don't ask her to read baby books to me :lol:

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I have never told anyone around me about the DDLG aspects of my life, but rather the BDSM aspects. I told my best friend that I found my Daddy on a "kinky app", when in reality I met him on this website. I didn't want to tell her about Fet because I thought that would be too extreme, so I made up a different app so she would stop asking me about it. 


Somehow, we ended up talking about our sexual kinks together and it turns out she's kinda freaky, too. Again, she doesn't know about the DDLG aspect because she once told me, "if you ever call your boyfriend "Daddy" I'm disowning you", so I think it's pretty safe to say that I won't be telling her about that anytime soon.  :p





Junebug xxx

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