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To all the nonsexuals who "came out" what was the reaction of your family

Guest catbeepbeeps

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Come out as a little or like Dom? Because I think most people try to keep that part of their lives very private. Kinda wish I would have.

My mom and I are close so I basically tell her everything. She was very weirded out and confused until I explained it, which she still doesn't understand but oh well lol

My brother knows about it because of my jackass ex. But my brother is very supportive and seems to try to treat me like a little, especially when I'm depressed. Sometimes he really hates when I talk in my baby voice lol


Now. When I tried to "come out" as "bisexual" to my family, my dad tried to beat my ass! So... Yeah lol

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For me, it was awkward for a bit, but they learned to accept it and I’ve respected them by not mentioning it or going little around them. My sisters took it the worst, I often get eye rolls and snooty remarks from them if my littleness does get mentioned, I’ve never really talked about it with my father, although he does know about it, and my mother is the one I talk about it with most, and although she finds it weird she accepts it and obviously still loves me. I’m very open with my littleness, I was actually even talking about it with my boss today lol. She told me that life is too short so i should be who I wanna be and do what I like and want if it’s what I want:)
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