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New to this but definitely interested.


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Hello! I've only very recently been introduced to ddlg simply through reading online forums and the like and have a few questions that might make it a bit simpler in the long run. I'm not 100% sure my partner would be interested in trying a ddlg play, however I am a dom and would like to give this a try. She IS a sub but at times likes when I'm very sweet, gentle and such so again I'm very unsure but I think it's something we could both enjoy. What is the best way to bring it up without it coming off as weird? I also would like to be able to smoothly transition from ddlg play to the bedroom but I'm quite naturally blunt. So outside of blatantly saying "hey lets go to the bedroom" as I would find this... Immersion breaking, what are some ways that I would be able to transition from normal play to the bedroom smoothly provided it turns out my partner would even be interested in it in the first place?
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Guest BabyPeach

Once you establish she's comfortable with the idea (IF she is), you would need to allow her to explore being little. Does she like to color? Does she like sippy cups? Stuffies? Cartoons? Also, you would both need to figure out is if she is a sexual little or not. Some littles aren't sexual when they're little, ever. All of this will take time and patience. Even sexual littles often can't go straight to sex. They are LITTLE and need to feel comfortable and allowed to be ready at their own pace.


There is also the option of age play. That's just taking on the roles for a sexual scene. Lots of people enjoy age play like that. Each takes on a role in the bedroom and when it's done, it's done and you both assume your adult roles in the relationship.


I can't really give advice on how to bring it up because I have no idea, sowwy. This is often a very taboo subject for most people.

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Okay, first of all: Welcome to the forum!


Now, I don't know which aspects of this dynamic you find the most interesting but I would assume that you have discussed soft and hard limits before (since you already have a D/s relationship).


I think a very simple approach would be to check in with her if those have stayed the same and then telling her that you read about a few things that would interest you and that you'd like to discuss if she'd be open to try them. You could also ask her if there's anything new she'd like to try.


Some elements of what you'd like to do might make good rewards for her even if she doesn't turn out to be into DDlg herself.


Also, I listened to this TEDx talk a while ago:

that might be interesting for you while you try to get the courage to share your fantasy with your partner. ;)


Regarding the transition from (apparently nonsexual) playtime to going to the bedroom, I don't really have an idea. I think it would depend heavily on her view on the whole thing.

I am nonsexual in my little space and purposefully trying to get me out of it to have sex would probably not go over well.

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