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I called him daddy?!


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So I called my boyfriend daddy for the first time last week. It went better then I expected. We had talked before about age regression and even DDLG and he told me he wasn't exactly comfortable with being involved. And I mean that's understandable. It can seem weird or even creepy from the outside looking in. I know I was uncomfortable before I tried it.


He said that he understood the age regression part and that it was okay for me to do it around him. He just didn't want me to call him daddy. I've also never really regressed fully around him because I wanted to be respectful ya know?


We've been together for 6 months now and I love him to death. He's my best friend. I didn't think I could love someone this much.


So we were cuddling on my bed a few days before I left campus for the summer and I'm kind of feeling little-ish but not fully, and this man looks at me and says he wants to be my daddy.




I just kind looked at him for a second until this big smile spread across his face.


So I asked him why he had the sudden change of heart and and he said that he did some research online and thinks he likes it. And that he likes my half-regressed self and wants to experience my fully regressed self.


And idk guys I was/am the happiest little girl right now. Obviously we're going to try it first and make sure it's something he actually likes/wants but I can't describe that feeling when I said "I love you daddy." and he said "I love you too babygirl."


LIKE DANG. It felt like one of those love stories you read online.


Anyway yeah, I needed to share that somewhere because wow. <3

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Awww! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! ^-^ I hope when he tries it out he ends up loving it!
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Ooh, that sounds fantastic! I am so happy for you ♥ It can be really difficult getting a ''normie'' involved, but with the right kind of love anything is possible ^_^ Good luck in the future :3

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