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Inducing daddy space


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hiiiiiii :) I have never posted on here so sorry if there are errors/hard to read.


         I found out about little space while online, and like many others, i realized a huge part of me identified with it. i tried little space and LOVED IT. I've been going into little space at least 3 days out of the week for about 7 months now.


        It makes me feel really happy knowing that i can be a child again, but this time safe and secure. I love using sippy cups, pacis, reading vintage Disney books, taking baths with lots of bubbles, and playing with my little ponies. 


       I have a boyfriend who is a year older than me. We've been dating for almost two years. I figured it would be really nice to have a daddy to take care of and play with me. I did a ton of research and watched some daddy dom videos on Youtube. It made my heart so happy to hear other doms talk about being a daddy to a little and how rewarding it is. it's actually fucking precious :)


     I'm shy and I've always been a bit weird, but he didn't know this when he met me because of my appearance. (In high school, I was always considered to be in the "popular" or preppy group but never hung out with them one on one. i was always nice to everyone) Its like wow, here's this girl who is considered to be popular, went to lots of parties like a normal preppy high school person, is a pothead, and she turns in a little baby at night that uses pacis and sippys, LOL.  A real life Umaru? Most likely.


My boyfriend and I both enjoy having really rough sex and he loves when i call him daddy. He has very dom like tendencies. I knew i had to bring up DDLG to him, but god it's nerve-wracking.


         Soooo i wrote everything down in a notebook, handed it to him, and told him to read it. It was really daunting, watching his eyes move from line to line. He told me he'll try it. That night he made me chocolate milk and fed it to me through my sippy, and he even let me use my paci. It was heaven. We basically haven't tried anything else together because I don't know how to tell him I want to and every time i think about telling him i fall into little space and get really shy. 


  I've brought up DDLG lots of times and he still asks me what it is. It's a little disheartening to me because i'm always doing research, and i get DEEP into little space. 


        I always watch my little pony when he goes to bed, I talk about what toys I would like to have, i'm always carrying my stuffy around his apartment and putting stickers on my face. Most of my little gear is at his apartment, I immediately go into little space when he holds me or i hear his "dom voice." So it sucks that he doesn't know how to be a daddy to a little or won't even research it on his own time. I figured he would considering i am basically a 5 year old.


        It would be nice for him to know the signs of when I'm feeling little. It can get overwhelming or even make me sad when he talks to me like an adult when i'm in such a vulnerable state of being.


        I cannot stress enough how badly i want a daddy. its gotten to the point where i get envious and mad when i read about littles complaining about their daddy. I can't watch those daddy ASMR's anymore because it always makes me very very very sad.  My little space is amazing but it would be SO much better with him as my daddy. 


        Can anyone suggest to me some ways i can show him i feel little? (i already call him daddy, im always dressed in my cutie clothes, always coloring or watching kid shows. 


        Can anyone suggest some things we can do together that would induce his "daddy space?"


        Feel free to tell me any advice you want to. I am really interested to hear other daddies opinions

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Guest lil-kitten22

Alway remeber to communicate, he is not a mind reader and wont know ehat you are thinking, what you want, or you specific little signs without you telling him. DDlg is still an adult relationship that requires lots of open communication when in adult space.

As far as him learning more about ddlg, do some research together! Its more fun then just alone since you can show him what ideas you like and dont like. Maybe things you want to try or how you want him to act in certin situations.

Write a list of what makes you go into little space, signs that you're in little space, and what your favorite activities are! This can be really helpful while developing a relationship like this since he wont have to guess.

Something i did too was i would find cute DDlg things on pinterest and any that i really liked or wanted i sent to my caregivers. Sometimes they would ask what part of it i liked, some would just explain my different behaviors, and some were just too adorable to not share. Also if i find stuff on the forum i like or want to try i will send it to them to read, its helped alot since i don't have to explain those wants to them, i can give examples and we discuss from there.

I hope this helps!

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Perhaps u should talk to him about showing some initiative. After all this time, he is still asking u what ddlg is. u may be doing research, but is he? If he is actually interested, he should try doing some research on his own. For play, I would suggest simply saying something like, "can we have little time now?" whenever u want it. If u are too shy for that, perhaps coming up with a code word to say will help. Something else, is arranging a schedule, perhaps that every day at 6pm is little time etc so then he should already know what he should be doing. Just some ideas. Communication really is the only way.
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I want to be very frank with you. You may be interested in this, but he may not be immediately interested in participating. You may be doing research, but he needs to do that on his own. You may want him to be your daddy, but you can't force him to fulfill that role. He's not a mind reader and he can't do what you'd like him to do of you aren't communicating. In short, he needs to find his own path right now and you need to speak up.

It really does seem like he'll go down this road eventually, but you just need to give him time and communicate how you feel. He may be the daddy type, but he needs to figure out how to approach this on his own. For now, just talk to him and make your feelings known. Open up that line of communication so that you can work this out.

And remember, even if he decides not to fulfill this role, he is still the boyfriend you know and love.

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Guest Daddy-Tom
I would try having a trigger phrase at least at first. For instance if he is ready to interact with you as a little he could say something like "Daddy wants his little girl". Conversely if he wants to speak to you as an adult and you are currently in little space he might say "can Daddy talk to his big girl now?" This could help with transitions if you are able to do them consciously
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It honestly sounds to me like he misunderstood you and thought you meant trying to be a little with him as a one time thing. He read what you wrote on that notepad and catered to you that night as if you had described some fantasy you wanted to try out. If you want to do this more often or as a lifestyle thing, you will have to tell him that, no matter how shy or embarrassed you are. He hasn't done research because he doesn't know that's what you want. Does he know how much research you're doing or is he oblivious to how into it you are?


You write several times how much you want him to be your daddy but you never mention that you've told him you want him to be your daddy. Until you're ready to do that, you can't expect him to do research or know your behavior means you want him to do daddy things.

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