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best place to shop?~


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i have 130 dollars and i want some little stuff (and possibly a 3ds!) gimmie some good shops and/or specific items that are adorable!


i love sanrio, pink, and princess-y themed stuff!

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Ok, not gonna comment on the 3ds, but seriously you'd be surprised what you can find in thrift stores if you don't mind buying something that's been used previously. Stuffies that need new homes (many can be washed), baby blankets, cute cups and dishes, etc. Your $130 can go far.


At a store I was in the other day I even saw a disney princess themed tv (or maybe it was just a dvd player). Lots of people just dump all their kids stuff when the kids get older. And I promise, if you feel embarrassed, nobody has to know you're buying something for yourself.

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