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Moving on from your ex Daddy

Guest Littlebunnyrabbitrose

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First off I am very sorry that this happened to you and that you are having to even post this message as I know break ups can be quite difficult. I can't really give you a time frame, if you cared for him and loved him I think there will always be some sadness there as there should be. He was and significant part of your life and you should always hold some fondness for him. The fact that you posted this message to me shows that you might be ready to move on allready as you are putting yourself out there by doing so. 

As far as the dating process, just talking and getting to know some other Daddy's is the best way to do it, don't rush into it and don't allow anyone to pressure you into anything just because you might be a bit sad or lonely right now. Feel free to friend request me and message me if you would like. No strings attached lol, as I have had some break ups that hurt significantly in the past!!

Good Luck and I am sure you will find a Daddy that will treat you well and adore you.

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5 years wasted, I wish that I could tell you, but for me it hasn't happened. I also noticed that my last relationships were pretty much me trying to re-create everything he was. I found comfort in anything that reminded me of him because at least it'd be.. him. Got hurt really badly doing this. A lot of disappointment and a lot of me disappointing myself most of all. Even in your case, a short of amount of time with somebody doesn't mean you can't deeply feel for somebody.


I know that you think you are not ready but I think the best thing you can do to move on is to find comfort in somebody else. When she learns to love again is when her heart will mend.


Finally I think I'm on the road to something better. I haven't felt much of anything really and I was kind of just like numb and playing stupid video games to kill my time telling myself I'm done with relationships just do something casual, reminding myself I don't need to be in a relationship, even tho I want to be in a relationship. Empty.  I met this guy that pretty much changed my mind in about 5 minutes. Sometimes I feel almost stupid like i'm kicking myself like can I really be feeling like this about somebody I've known a month. Now I'm happy and slowly forgetting everything that came before. I don't believe in perfection, but I swear this boy is perfect.


I hope you feel better <3 Everything passes. After your biggest losses, you get the best and biggest gains.

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It happens across all demographics, DD/lg, vanilla, every aspect of BDSM or D/s, Daddies, littles, Doms, subs, male, female.  And it doesn't matter, no matter how it happens it hurts if you're anywhere near normal.  Sometimes, almost always, no matter how it hurts it's for the best.  But when you're in the midst of the pain knowing any of that doesn't matter.  But it will pass. 

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