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Letter to Gannicus


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Gannicus, A.L.L.T.Y a love letter to you trippie redd


I love you. I love your curly hair and your glasses. I love how you call me Sweetheart. I love Fwank and Miltwon and our kitty family. I love how your voice sounds deep and husky in the morning when you just wake up, and I love how we talk in literal noises that sound so adorable. I love your laugh and the 100 tones you have to sound funny. You make me laugh 1000 times a day I can't stop cackling ever. I love how you make me blush. I love your car dealership. I love how you are so warm. You make me feel safe. Every morning I wake up I know that I can expect to read how much you love me . Every morning I know I can wake up with you. And that is the best feeling in the world. I don't know what else I would trade it for. I love that you love me even though I can be really ugly inside, you still think I'm the prettiest. And even when I'm rotten, you straighten me out. The perfect amount of discipline and perfect amount of love. 


You are better than anything that came before, whether you want to believe it or not. If it wasn't for you I swear there would be nothing and no reason. I dont know how I found you but I'm so thankful to God that I did because you are really my purpose and I function for you. You are my home. You're always down to pick up the pieces when I break down. and i'll always do that for you. So I can make you feel how much I love you.


I love you, more than life itself. My lil peep <3 my gothboy <3 my beamerboy <3my daddy and my soulmate <3 

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