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Raw feelsies


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I have touched on this subject before but not as a topic, and I think its about time I expanded on it.
If youre a little and youre reading this, youll probably relate, so please feel free to share your personal experiences.
Someone who I was close to described it as raw feelsies, and I havent found a better description so thats what were going to call it.
It takes a lot for me to show someone my little side, so if youve seen it, youre unbelievably special, or in some cases, Ive slipped up and accidentally shown people that side of me.
I dont show my little side because of the raw feelsies. When I open up like that it makes me vulnerable, attached (not in a romantic way) and I feel a connection. I can have this feeling towards other littles, middles, switches, etc.  No matter who it is, Ill feel a bond. (Not in a caregiver/little way)
Big me is the opposite because of that. Its sort of like, if you want to get to little me, you need to go through big me first, and thats because I feel things differently. My little feelings are so strong and sensitive, it is like upsetting a kid. You eat my chocolate, I will cry. You hurt me, I will cry. You all of a sudden leave, I will cry. If I have opened up my little space to you, then youre accidentally mean or something stupid like that, I will cry because my little side feels it, even if Im in my big headspace. Which is why its so hard when little feelings take over when youre supposed to be big.
If we genuinely open up our little side to you, its not something to be taken for granted because of the raw feelsies we experience, especially if were treated like dirt later. Our trust is not something that should be taken lightly or taken advantage of. Just because were littles, or subs, it doesnt mean were stupid or incapable of taking care of ourselves, so dont treat us like were dumb.
Show us kindness, friendship, loyalty.
This isnt directed at daddy doms in any way. I feel other littles are just as bad at hurting their fellow littles. Some even with malicious intent.
Basically TLDR; Littles feel things harder, and everyone should be more aware of that when dealing with us. Treat humans like humans. There is a person behind the screen.

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I concur. Mostly experienced this from friends or fellow Littles/Middles or online peeps in general. They forget our common ground in being Littles or Middles or whatever, and that we're sensitive beings who form attachments too easily and get hurt easier. 


I don't really have a Big side, so I'm vulnerable to being hurt 24/7 :D Whoopie

Cuz I'm a pussy. 

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Guest Aetherr
this isnt exclusive to littles, im a dom and i feel the same things, literally nobody i have talked to gets it and much to my emotional detriment especially ex's the whole "man up" idea always pissed me off because it always made me feel wrong for wanting to me a man and alpha but also being able to feel and have people around me who wont point and laugh.. one day ill meet someone who gets it and until that day im happy putting up my walls
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Guest LittleSnowiii

100% relate and pretty sure most littles do too.

I hateee feeling vulnerable , specially as a little. Because is something so special.... is a safe and happy place.

The only person I show it too is daddy, and even then stil learning to show it.

Thank you for creating this post. Is very needed 


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I can so relate because in my vulnerable moments people really hurt me, even the ones a love and trust do on accident but thats why its so hard for little me to be out because big me has trust issues and i want to find people i can be little with, big me is protecting little me as best i can. I stress myself out with big world stuff and it gets hard, so when i talk to others to calm down i just don’t hear the things i want to hear and then i cry alone in my room or somewhere hidden. So i really hate it when people take advantage of that side of me. T-T
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