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Build A Bear!

Princess Kmay Buttercup

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My bedtime is 8 (sometimes 9 >.>) but my Daddy likes to stay up late (sometimes until 1 or 2 in the morning) and I told him i wanted a stuffy to snuggle with when I go to bed (because I don't have any).


Daddy told me he is taking me to Build A Bear this weekend! I have never been. Any suggestions or tips? I am so excited! Also I really want to get a dark brown or black bear because Daddy is Navajo and I want it to look like him <3

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Guest BabyWednesdayAdams

oooh you can choose the skins I think they have plain brown bears but the only black one is a darthvader bear I think. Also don't buy all the clothes at once because that can get really expensive. There are little button things you can use to record your daddies voice and when you squeeze the bear it will talk in his voice.

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There's really no tips to build a bear! you just pick the stuffie and clothes you think are the cutest! :3


the people that stuff your stuffie are the sweetest!! they make you do a lil dance and kiss your stuffies heart before putting it in

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Guest QueenJellybean

i love Build-a-Bear! i'm a self-proclaimed stuffie purest and have a lot of BABs. 

i'd suggest just allowing yourself to let go and enjoy! there are a lot of adults that go there, and the staff members are trained to treat everyone the same way, so if you want to do the little song and dance, they'll do it with you!

similarly, if you have any social anxiety, just be aware that they will offer to have you do the heart ceremony in some cases, but it's totally okay to say no thanks!


have fun!!! and make sure you go to the computers to name your bear and get a certificate! 

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