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What quality's do you want in a daddy?

Daughterof Satan

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Uhhhhh, let's see. :) (For me, this goes for mommies too)


Kind, nurturing, patient, encourages me to be myself, cuddly, open minded, respectful, if we disagree is more prone to a calm discussion than yelling, doesn't smoke, low or no alcohol use, compatible political views, is not one of those people who wants the tv on 24/7


Wants to see me thrive and any rules would be geared towards my health/wellbeing or rules for the two of us together, like taking a trip every 3 months.


And, is somebody who is looking for someone like me! :D

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I would say the qualities I want in a Daddy are all the ones that my Daddy has. He is open minded, caring, communicative, respectful, nurturing, LOVES cuddles and physical contact.


He also has a kinky side and loves exploring that side of things in our relationship as well. I couldn't handle a Daddy that doesn't have a sexual side as well.


Daddy enjoys rules that promote my physical and mental well being and encourages me to always strive to do and be better than the day before.


He loves story time, stroking my nose as I fall asleep on his chest, changing me into a cute sleeper or onesie for bed and laughing as I splash during bath time.


He also loves my wife dearly and is a part of our lives as we are a part of his life.


Honestly, I couldn't ask for anything different or more in my Daddy/Dom/boyfriend. He isn't perfect, nobody is, but he is perfectly ours and we love his strengths, weakness, openness and everything that he is as a person. He completes my wife and I and we complete him. Corny sounding maybe but none the less true.


Little kaiya

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What I would like in a caregiver/partner is a best friend. Someone I can laugh with, cry with, work with towards a common goal. Someone who's honest, independent, strong, intelligent, caring, kind, open-minded to those who have different life experiences, and with a good heart. These, to me, are the vital traits that my future partner needs to posses. I want someone who loves in a healthy, warm way. I don't need them to fulfill a role for me. I don't need them to be my everything. I just want a happy, healthy relationship. DDLG is a plus for me. I'm demisexual, so sex or physical appearance isn't a big factor to me at all. Someone's heart is infinitely more important.

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Guest BabyPeach

A Daddy who is patient in getting to know little me and not pressuring little me to do things I'm not ready for. As I'm a sexual little who needs quite a bit of attention, I need a Daddy who adores sexual little pwaytimes (and enjoys it too!). A Daddy who will punish me (spankies!!!) for breaking the rules, but is fair and kind at the same time. A Daddy who finds little me adorable right down to my wittle voice and says so (and I do the same for him in his handsomeness). A Daddy who understands I have a life and can get busy at work, etc. so I'm not always on perma-response nor do I expect him to be. Lastly, and most important, a Daddy who understands that I'm not looking for the traditional relationship of "meet, get to know, move in together, happily ever after" (which is fine for others but not what I'm looking for). ....hehe, it's taken me a bit of time, but I have come to realize that, that is what works for me.

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What I want / require in daddy:

  • intelligence
  • perspective/understanding of the word
  • ability and willingness to learn ( with these skill nothing is impossible )
  • calmness and ability to keep themselves together when needed (==when I don't, otherwise they can fall apart :lol: )
  • humor as that will help to get over the rocky parts and makes life so much better otherwise too
  • similar likes in sex and closeness, him being more of a dom thou
  • him helping me to be the best I can, supportive and encouraging but also taking the same support from me
  • wants to go forward, wants to learn, wants to be always better
  • doesn't settle and live life based on outside rules or roadmaps but is someone who can create something of their very own
  • wants to try things, explore life
  • is equal with me, not someone I need to drag along
  • understanding and caring person, someone with good heart
  • him wanting and desiring me :rolleyes:
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Guest tinytoon0
Someone who doesnt use my submission as a means to use me, sickly sweet and gentle with me (I'm overly sensitive sometimes), knows when to switch gears and be firm when he needs to be, can be dirty when he wants to be, and someone I can grow with. <3
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I look for a daddy or mommy who accepts me for who I am and will love me no matter what and who is nice to me but isn't afraid to be stern even in public. 

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Guest PrincessCat
I think there’s quite a few qualities I look for, but I think the most important one is patience and understanding. I tend to forget things easily so this has become the most important one. Besides that, I think kindness, nurturing... being comfortable enough to be completely yourself around them is also important. Especially someone who you can go to with absolutely anything that’s bothering you. I think also being strict with rules, since I can be pretty bratty too.
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Guest BansheePrincess

Things I would like and value in a Caregiver are: 


- Honesty

- Intelligence

- Kindness


Those three are the most important qualities for me, personally. However, I also appreciate a person who can be genuine, affectionate, and perhaps more socially adept than I am (because I am quite socially awkward). 


Someone who has an amazing taste in music/comics/books would also be a nice bonus  :D

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