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trying to come out to my bf


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I've been a little for a while now, and the past week or so I've been trying to come out to boyfriend. but every time I chicken out, I find it really hard. I just wanna tell him but worried he'll reject me, anyone for ideas?
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I think u should be blunt and just tell him, of course explain to him and answer his question as Best as u can, if u trust him then nothing should go wrong but if he rejects u then he doesnt deserve u.

Hope it helps u and wish u the best ❤️

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Honestly and confidence. I know it's not that simple but bear with me for a moment.


Ask yourself this, do you want to go through each day wondering if you're partner really accepts you or not? Do you want to have to force yourself to hide part of who you are? Do you think it's fair for your partner not to really know who he's with? If he does reject DDlg would you want to stay with him anyway?


Ask people who hide things like this, from their partner, how that turns out. It almost never turns out well. Wouldn't you rather know how he feels now than spend months or years hiding and then find out he may reject it down the road? How would you feel if you wait a year or two then find out he was fine with it all along. What a waste of time.


If you approach the discussion in a timid way that makes it sound like something wrong or shameful he might react that way because of how it's presented to him. If you present it matter of factly, with confidence and ready to answer questions it comes across as what it is . . . Not a big deal.


Some people may suggest letters or other written communication. I'm not saying it's a bad idea but the written word can often be misconstrued so it has it's risks


My suggestion, set up a time when you're both calm, don't have any other commitments and discuss it adult to adult. You have to decide if it's worth it or not, nobody can answer that but you.


Little kaiya

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Guest SugarSweetBear
My personal opinion is start by saying it, then easing him into it! He may not know exactly what it is or have a misconception.
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