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Advice on helping a shy little make friends

Guest RavenBangtan

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Guest RavenBangtan

Hi, just wanted some advice on how My Little/Pet could make friends. My baby is super shy and nervous, and says he (prefers she) struggles to make friends. It’s really upsetting to see, and I’m at a loss at what to do.



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Guest LittleSnowiii

You can always recommend her the forums here on ddlg. She can easily make little friends from all over the world :)


If she prefers in real life, I suggest for her to get into a hobby. Music, art, sports, anything she enjoys and that has a community. So she can attend small events and learn to socialise with people

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Making friends is a process that has a lot of moving parts and isn't something that can be forced or solved for someone else.


If your little wants to make friends they need to make that decision and start taking steps, they can be small ones to start, to build confidence and make friends.


A first step could be, instead of you doing it for them, coming here and posting about it, what they find hard, what they are looking for, etc.


Supporting them in the process is great and wonderful, trying to do it for them isn't so effective. It isn't a problem for you to solve, it's their obstacle to overcome, certainly with your support and encouragement. I get that some Caregivers want to solve all their little's problems; however, littles are still adults at the most fundamental level and need to be the ones to choose what they want from their life.


If for whatever reason a DDlg relationship doesnt work out or a caregiver needs to leave their little alone or travel or whatever, the little still needs to be able to function as an adult. Just my thoughts.


Little kaiya

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I know it's probably not my business, but as a transperson I feel like I need to ask: if your Little prefers to be called ''she'', why would you first refer to her as ''he'' and then add the whole preference bit in brackets? Does her gender make her struggle with making friends and being social? Does it contribute to her shyness?


If gender is an underlying ''issue'' in this context, please feel free to have her friend me and I'll happily talk to her and be her friend. I think it's important to help others who struggle with identity much like I used to.


And, of course, if I misread this or made a faulty assumption, please just disregard this post. Am still curious why you expressed yourself that way though.

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