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My little one left me


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This was my first little and this experience has been one I will never forget. I never know what ddlg was or even heard of it untill I met her. She took a while to come out and tell me about her little. At first I though it was I should not be doing(being a daddy) then the more I learned I started to like it more more. I enjoyed learning about little time, my little age was 6yo(and big brat) I would call her during storm because she was scared of the thunder. I would buy her coloring books. I would hang her pictures on the wall. I make sure she had her paci before she when to bed and would take her for pancakes in the mornings. I took her a little trip to Atlanta and she and her had a ball the Aquarium and the world of coke. Not she not in my life and it's not the same I'm open to meeting a new little but I have no idea how to find one???
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Hi! I’m so sorry that that happened to you. My advice would be to perhaps write a personal to post on this site? There are plenty of littles looking for a Daddy (and vice versa). However, I’d recommend maybe engaging in a regular conversation first to maybe see if you’re compatible? You don’t want your only thing in common to be DDlg as that’s how many relationship problems in this community form (unless that’s what you’re into haha). Personally, I’d want to meet someone that suits my needs and that I have a lot in common with and not just be with them because we both like DDlg. That’s just a thought though and you certainly do not have to take it on board if you don’t agree with me. Good luck on your quest for a new little!!
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Guest crazycatdaddy

The end of a relationship, especially if there's been a real heartbreak, can be a very difficult time, so you have my sympathies. It sounds from the title of your post that breaking up would not have been your choice, so I hope she gave you her reasons for leaving so you aren't left wondering why. That can be a real kick, not knowing. If you need more time to get over your ex, please know that it's okay to take that time before jumping back in to the dating pool. The CG/L community isn't going anywhere, and there will still be plenty of people for you to meet in a few days, weeks, or even months if you need that time. The worst thing you can do in the immediate aftermath of a breakup is jump on the first person who comes along because you're on the rebound. That seldom ends well. I'd encourage you to take some time to make sure you're really in the right frame of mind before setting out on your journey to meet someone new.


When you're ready, there are a few options of places to meet folks in the community. Obviously as has been pointed out already, this forum has a pretty large and active personals section, with some basic ground rules. There's also a website called DateCGL, and there used to be DD/LG personals pages on Reddit though I'm not sure if they're still around. There's also a fairly active Tumblr community. It's definitely worth making a personal ad to let people know you're looking, as well as writing a profile page (I notice your profile is blank at the moment) so that people who come across you here on the forum know that you're looking for someone. Putting up a profile picture would also help you (it doesn't have to be of your face, but a nice avatar is better than the standard "no picture" icon).


Writing a personal ad can be difficult, so maybe you'll want to take a look at some others to see what other people have said and to get an idea of length. You don't want to write a 10,000 word essay, but you also don't want to write a single sentence that just says "I'm a daddy looking for a little". What aspects of DD/LG do you enjoy? Is it sexual or nonsexual? Are you a brat tamer who goes heavy on punishment, or a caring, gentle daddy who just likes to cuddle? There are many different ways to be a daddy dom, just as there are many different ways for littles to enjoy littlespace. Try to figure out what you enjoyed about your relationship, and what, if anything, you didn't get to experience that you'd be keen to try, and when you know those things, that's what to put in your personal ad. In addition, maybe write a little about yourself outside of being a daddy. Your hobbies, things you like, etc. There's also a post here on the forum about advice for new daddies, and while you're not totally new, it might be worth taking a read of that too.


Best of luck with everything!

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