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I'm scared


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::here's a hug:: you don't have to be afraid anymore. find acceptance, encouragement, and courage, and we love you because you are who you are! People had a hard time accepting me years ago, until they came to understand that this is just the way I am, and I can't afford to be anyone else just to suit them. I stopped caring how others think of me. I can't control how they think, nor do i want that responcibility. But if anyone has a problem with me, they are the one with the problem, not me. Only I can live my life, not them, and they are in no position to judge me. Let them first walk a mile in my shoes, they wouldn't want to.

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In addition to good advice from others so far, please keep in mind that the only ONE person you need to and must always please is yourself and no one else. Love and respect yourself enough not to care or worry about other's acceptance. 
You're beautiful, just the way you're, now start loving yourself, I promise others will follow!

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