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When do you go into little space?


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     I am on a small break so I am trying to figure out a daily routine. I haven't had the time to go into little space this semester and was wondering when do you go into little space? Is there a designated time of day that you let yourself go into little space?


     I tend to want to go into little space when I am tired/at night but I share my room with someone so it gets hard. I only have a small time slot in the morning to do it but I find myself not wanting to. It is getting more hard to find time so how do you do it? I don't have a mommy or daddy to help so it just gets pushed aside. 


Thank you!

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Guest DimpleDoll

hiii jelliebean

I have that exact problem with my college roommate. I barely have freetime so it reallly hurts my little side especailly so busy with classes/work/friends/rememebrring to eat as you know haha


I try and schedule in my little time like an hour a week after classes when my roomate is gone. Sometimes it gets pushed back or sometimes she is in the room. But i give myself a STRICT time when done with classes to at least —> check and see if its possible.


Another thing to try is maybe a video playdate when you chat with another little and just have your own little times like coloring together and just giggling and chatting. That way you both hold each other accountable to make that time for each other to be little (:

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Guest Ella'sRedBoots

Whenever I need to and all adult stuff (like work) is done so that I can be myself without worrying or feeling guilty.


*I tend to want to go into little space when I am tired/at night but I share my room with someone so it gets hard*


That must be difficult. Maybe make a deal with your room-mate so that you each have one evening/night when the other is absent and you don't have to worry?

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We all have different expressions of our little selves, but for me, being little is part of my personality and I switch in and out of it frequently throughout a day. As I've gotten older, I've gotten more comfortable just being myself and not hiding it.


So, when doing chores I might hop around or talk to myself in a little way. When driving I might sing or recite rhymes to myself. Out in public I just hum or skip or point at things and giggle or talk to myself quietly. A week ago I was in Boston and the city has a carousel in a public square and I shamelessly paid my $4 and got in line and had a great time riding that carousel all by myself. I can tell you, once you get over being self-conscious, you realize few people will look at you funny or pay attention to you at all. People are honestly so self-absorbed nowadays I can legit walk down a street talking to myself about where I'm going, point in excitement when I find it and clap my hands, puff my face out in annoyance when a line is too long, etc and nobody even notices. :lol: Even better when I'm in a park and bending down to examine some flowers or picking fruits or staring at a cool bug.


I can understand being in college and having to focus on your studies, but maybe you can walk with a spring in your step to your classes or take a different route where you can smell flowers. Don't forget to laugh at yourself and smile when something doesn't go to plan. Write notes on colorful paper. Listen to cute music through your headphones while studying. Take a break and watch cartoons on youtube. Wear cute accessories like headbands or ribbons. Say hello to the birds. Maybe volunteer with local children.

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