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Daddy Issues


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Hi, does anyone else have daddy issues with their biological father or is it just me? I feel like this is how I got into this lifestyle. Because I missed out on so much with my real father not caring about me and hardly being around me growing up. So I always feel like I'm trying to make up for that. I want to redo my childhood with a father figure.

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Guest DollyGirly

I do. Growing up, my father was cold, distant and kind of mean at times. He wasn't loving at all. He thought spoiling us with things that money could buy was the way to be a father, I guess.


I will add that I don't feel like I'm trying to recreate my actual childhood parent relationship through DDlg though. I do have those issues, but they aren't my reason for being in this lifestyle

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My father was a very loving and caring man. He didn't always say the words "I love you" but his actions never left any doubt how much he loved me. My Dad passed away this past Fall and I miss him very very much but my relationship with him has nothing to do with why I enjoy my DDlg relationship with my Daddy/boyfriend.


Little kaiya

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Guest Aetherr

i'm a dom but i feel like i have things to add


i have a ton of issues with my father


we are hardly ever on the same page


he has been aware of my mental issues for longer than i have (i was diagnosed with aspergers and autism at 10)


and yet i often feel like he makes no attempt to help me see his point


his words to me throughout my life were always


"a man needs to be in control of himself, so get control"

i cant control autism and he has NEVER understood



i'm not here because he refuses to see my issues

i'm here because control and order are part of who i am as a person and as an aspie

i can't be without it or everything goes wrong.

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