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DDlg/BDSM Literature 101


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I was hoping we could make a topic with tips on writing DDlg/BDSM fiction! (Not Erotica)

Here are my tips:


I find when writing about BDSM/DDlg, there needs to be some introduction to it. Im sure were all familiar with the stories with hastily introduced characters and all of a sudden, shes getting spanked by page 3.

When writing about BDSM and DDlg, its vital not to rush. Same goes for the real-life relationship aspect of the dynamic. I am aware that there is a lot of the writers fantasy poured into their books, you need to make sure that youre not rushing to your favourite part.

Make sure you establish the type of relationship your characters want.



Girls runs away from home. Older rich man finds her and takes her home. Surprise, theres already a little room waiting for her, and the story revolves around Stockholm syndrome. This big fat cliché is common when reading/writing DDlg stories. I know stereotypes are popular, and they do have a broad audience, but you need to make sure that you have a storyline thats gripping to the reader. Many people tend to forget about the plot when writing about the lifestyle, but it is essential to have a structure; otherwise, itll just fall apart. 



In real life, you arent going to call someone daddy after an hour. I want to see him earn that title, I want their relationship to build up, and I want a sense of realism. Were they already clued up about BDSM/DDlg? Alternatively, is it something theyve developed naturally? I want thoughts, fears, communication, and a plot that adds to their dynamic.


Make sure it makes sense.

Its so easy to write a DDlg story and have it not made sense. Been there, done that. Ive often come up with a good idea, wrote it, re-read it and thought Wtf did I write?

For example, one book comes to mind, and basically, her parents were in it at the beginning, then her dad died in the middle, then at the end, her dad was miraculously alive again when she got engaged. Which left me like????????


Consistency is key. Readers will pick up on these details.


Dont add things just for the sake of it. 

Okay, this one is harder for me to explain. When Im reading a book and the author has added something in because why not? Its obvious. It leaves me with questions that went unanswered when Ive finished the book. When you are adding to your story, make sure it is plot related or needed for character development. 


Im going into actual writing now instead of it just being DDlg/BDSM orientated, so Im going to stop now.
Please leave advice and tips for fellow writers below ^. ^

Have fun writing!

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Guest Sunshinekitty

I agree entirely with your post. I've only read one book--and a few stories in a variety of places, but ye goodness...


As a writer, the meet cutes need to actually be...well, cute. Or make sense. It's one thing for those of us to have fantasies that run on the fast side, but when it comes to writing character development, how your characters feel, think, their personalities, backstories, and motivations are important.


It's okay to rush into a meeting between your protagonists if the story makes sense. But don't expect people to CARE about your characters unless you give them some depth. Just because littles have different toys, pacis, diapers, whatever...that doesn't mean that is all there is to them. And just because Caregivers seem to be stereotyped a certain way doesn't mean that we have to write them that way, either.


Enjoy your characters--and think about them. I guarantee being thoughtful will make your story flow better if you make friends with them. And remember--editing is your friend. Kill your darlings mercilessly if it makes your story better. :)

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100 percent agree. I have poured hours into my novel on Wattpad trying to establish a relationship. Though it does start sooner, there is a progression of punishments,, heck, I don't think they have a spanking until like chapter....30? or something. And it's not filled with sex. I try to portray that Daddy can't fix everything, especially around things regarding mental health. I often find I'm going to have a hard time publishing my novel because it's too out of place for a normal publisher to take, but not enough sex and spanking for a publisher that would deal with my kind of book.

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I have characters in mind, and the world, but I'm trying to figure out how to start writing about them. It's as if I have the foundation for a house and the frame, but after that I'm stuck. I'm going to start brainstorming right now, but if anyone has any tips I would really appreciate it. This is often where I get stuck. I'll start writing hoping I can figure out a good plot as I go but it doesn't work for me.

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GoodBabyGirl315 You could take a class in creative writing in general. It gives you techniques and info to use in any genre.

Edited by BrassyBabyGirl
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