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Working with your daddy to help him feel more comfortable


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Hi littles! Does anyone have any ideas for me to help my daddy get into his daddy space!? He does not really seem to understand what it means to be my daddy and I do not know how to go about it fully. I sorry. I dont know what to do! i sorry. i just feel lost with this. We have been together for over two years.

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Guest LittleMissAnna

No need to apologize hun! Sometimes our significant others don’t know how to go into “Daddy Space”. Is he new to the ddlg scene? That could be the problem. Try to sit him down and talk about it. Maybe he just doesn’t know when to go into “Daddy Space” or not know how to!


- Anna xoxo

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Being introduced to something that your partner loves so much can be scary. Especially when you feel pressure to take on a dominant role.


For me what really seemed to help was loads of talking and tons of reassurance. You have to let him know that it's okay to dip a toe in the pond and that there's no rush. That there are lots of different kinds of Daddies just as there are lots of different kinds of littles. Try to make the information bite sized rather than an overload of 'learn everything in one talk'.


Maybe have him do specific things like brush your hair or fill your sippy cup in order to encourage that caregiver space whilst providing some direction. It's difficult for Daddies to know what we want without some idea of how to act or what sort of tasks they can do. Try to make it fun as well, send jokes sometimes and maybe have him play a game with you like go fish or snap where you can be little but the focus isn't on it completely so he can become accustomed to that side of you. 


It's gonna take some time but I found it worth it and I hope you do too 

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