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Who likes Little/baby talk?

Guest Mei Mei

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I always thought it was cute and now I talk and write wittle too! Especially when I am deeps in head space, at first I didn't do so and didn't understand how other little did so then I watched a video by Milkwebs on YouTube when she took a bath and she had the most CUTEST wittle voice and made me feel so smol and feel so happy. My little voice was inspired and awoke after that. :) 

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Guest Mr.Stuffykins

I absolutely adore it! Hearing a little 'baby talk' motivates me to baby her even more. It really emphasizes the innocence in a little and is just so adorable. Even as a daddy i find myself baby talking littles. They're so delicate and small that talking normally doesn't capture how affectionate I want to be^^ 

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I love to baby talk especially when I get to use it at work because then nobody would know I’m a little and when I’m at school. But I am a singer so I can’t use it all the time but I still use it every other day
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Personally, I don't mind it in moderation. That said, when people write little in chat, and it's unintelligible, it's kind of annoying. A word here and there though? Super cute.
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Guest Looby-Lou

as a little i definitely have a different tone of voice, vocabulary and tend to speak in a different rhythm. 


The way I portray that in writing is by using less punctuation and words like "wobbly" instead of "anxious".


Personally I can't stand gobbledegook especially when it's written. I don't read the posts that are written that way.


Looby  :)

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