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Hi there lovelies.

I have recently stopped chatting with this guy that i have been interested in for two weeks. Not ling but still. Anyways, this man claimed to be rich, walked all over me, and countless times I apologized for doing nothing wrong, and let him hurt me.

So, finally i nicely said i did not think it was going to work. I was kind and said i hoped he would find an amazing little and he responded by claiming that i have issues, that he doesnt deal with “depressed and not right littles”. Yet i was STILL kind and told him i didnt want to fight, that i hope he would reflect on my kindness and that i was blocking him.

This takes us to today!

Some guy messaged me and had the SAME patterns as rich dude. So i asked “is there a chance you might be daxon?” And instead of saying no he got pissed.... he says i must be fill of myself to think im “so attractive someone would make a second account and then claimed this proved that i am a scammer and that he is apparently a moderator on this site, and will be removing me. I really dont understand how someone could think this is okay. Im hoping to see that others have experienced the same thing and were made to feel bad for wanting to be safe in who they trust online. I am not a scammer. I am just a little who doesnt deserve to be pit down. Sorry for the rant, just wanted to tell my story

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Guest Aetherr

was it from this website because if so you should totally report this person, and im sure this is a complete "no shit sherlock" thing to say but that dude sounds like the one with issues

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People get defensive about things that are the truth or if they feel threatened or not in control anymore.

Maybe he was trying to feel in control and once you decided to leave he felt like he was losing that control. So he is trying to gain the power back by claiming to be staff and saying you will be removed from the site.

Like said above, if it happened here report him. Also I would screenshot the messages.


I could definitely be wrong about what I said. Just my opinion on how I see the situation. I have been through two abusive relationships so I know how people like to have control and that's what it reminded me of.


I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Please don't feel like you did anything wrong.

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