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hewwo, this is my first post here!


i recently moved in with my boyfriend and i have an extra room i want to make into my little room... i'm having a bit of trouble looking for furniture to decorate it, though. ;;

mostly, i want a cute little table, some of those foamy mat thingies so i can have a corner for plushies... but i'm not sure where to look!


where do you guys buy your little room furniture?

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The foam mats are a good idea, I bought some recently. You can easily buy them online for a cheap price (amazon had some bulk packs on sale) and even stores like B&Q if you have that :) good luck finding the furniture you want :)

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I would look in IKEA too, they have fun kid sections to look through! i love the canopies they have for beds, that would be a dream to have... but they don't get new things often, so if you aren't happy with the themes they offer i agree that amazon is the place to look. 

remember to read reviews and be careful of the measurements!

please show us pictures when you finish <3 i would love to see someone's little room!!

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You could also check thrift and resale stores for wooden furniture and then paint it yourself with whatever designs you'd like if you're artsy enough. Sometimes you can even find stuff that somebody else has already painted!

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