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What if I handed you a....

Guest The Phantom

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Guest The Phantom

What if I handed you a $100 bill? Would you turn it down? You're probably thinking "That's a ridiculous question, Phantom. Of course I'd take it." Okay, so you'd most likely take it without hesitation. But what if I crumpled it to a ball and stomped it on the ground? Would you still want it? Absolutely. Because it never lost its value. What I'm getting at is that if you've ever felt crumpled to a ball and crushed on the floor, get back up, brush yourself off and keep going. Just like that $100 bill never lost its value in cash, you never lost your value as a person.

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I'm just gonna play Devil's advocate here and say.... I'd probably not take it because why would I accept $100 from a stranger?

The "It's a trap!" meme comes to mind.


To further play Devil's advocate, a $100 bill is just paper (or plastic, depending on the country). It only has value because society as a whole has agreed upon its "value."

Going on your metaphor, the darker undercurrent here then would be... where do we get our value from? Is it from ourselves? Or from what others/society has agreed our value is?


Food for thought. O_O

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