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Tips on how to handle adult stress while little

Guest Mei Mei

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Guest DollyGirly

First, don't forget that you are a GROWN ADULT WOMAN. I have seen too many littles fall into the "I can't function because I'm little" trap. Oh.yes.you.can. Life gets hard for everyone.....littles, Daddies, Mommies, Caregivers, normies, hehe. We all have to big girl up and deal with it. You are probably pretty young so you haven't dealt with a huge amount of stress yet. Just remember, the more you go through, the stronger you get, the easier it gets to deal with future problems.


First, get yourself into big girl mode. Put little you away inside for a bit. Next, identify the problem/problems that are causing stress. Go over each one and determine if there is something you can do to change it. For example, if you hate your job one solution could be going to school so that you can do something else. Solutions don't always come quickly. Sometimes, they take time and planning. That's okay. We just have to learn to have patience.


If you find that there's nothing you can do to change something that is causing you stress right now, then you have to find ways to make it more bearable. For example, you live with your parents while you're going to college, but you dislike them. You just have to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and spend as much time in your room/away from them as possible.


Also, things like journaling, meditation, yoga and exercise are all natural stress relievers you can try. Try to do things you enjoy during the week too.


A professor I had in college would say.........you can endure anything, it's all temporary. This is true. Life is ever changing. Nothing stays the same forever.

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Guest PrincessSparkles35

I agree with Cotton Candy....life is hard sometimes and it is hard to deal with things...how to deal with stress is a lesson I am still learning


I have learned having a few trusted go to people helps. Having a set stress plan of how to help reduce the stress helps (coloring, movies, games, activities). Stress can be hard but we do have to learn how to do things on our own too.

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DollyGirly, what a fantastic response, especially the first paragraph. Stress is something everyone has to deal with no matter what and learning to do it well really helps people grow.


Little kaiya

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I would also like to add that you don't have to endure everything alone. Talk to your friends. Your family. I'm sure whatever is overwhelming you right now is something your parents had to handle at some point - ask them for advice. Or a friend's parents.


And as a little, you can still comfort yourself while handling some of these stressors. Make phone calls in a fluffy bathrobe. Listen to cute music when driving your car. Wear a little hairpin or keep something comforting in your pocket.


Good luck!

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Guest Mei Mei

Hi and thank you all. When i wrote this i must have been my first alter. In our journals she does express how difficult it is to manage stress. I have a disorder that has blessed or cursed (however you want to look at it) me with two alters. A female child and a female pre-teen. We do keep journals n coloring books for stress. I as an adult woman do TRX and Pilates as well as go to therapy 2x a week.

I thank you all for your help. Very very sweet of you.

Good night & sleep well.

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