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Fox pet play


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Hi hi everyone!

I kinda have some times where I am more animal like. I'm mostly cat like, but sometimes I feel more like a fox. But I would like to make some cute noises while in this mindset... I cant seen to think of any.

At suggestions? Or what do you use if you have a fox side or mindset?

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I have a Champagne pink fox fursona but I don't make fox sounds at any time. You could always look up some videos of sounds that foxes make.


Little kaiya

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Foxes kind of chirp and chatter.  It's an adorable sound.  Just don't take on the persona of a ox screaming. The most terrifying sound ever.  lol

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When I'm in Fox space, I make noises like yipping like a puppy does, growling, or kind of a murr sound that's sort of uppera purr, but not quite.
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