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the perfection of littles in overalls

Guest daddygentle

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Guest daddygentle

is that anything that con convey the inner cuteness and helplessness than a cute overall with a childish design over a baby girl? even better if she jas a pacifier or bottle between her lips and daddy can feel her diaper or pull up under it. It may be a problem of mine, but every time I see a girl who touch my inner daddy's cords I can help but imagine her like that.





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Guest Looby-Lou

i would wear what my Daddy wanted but i do prefer skirts & dresses myself (or baby onesies with snap fastenings), but the overalls with oonicorns in 2nd pic? i looooove them  :wub:


p.s. i think the 3rd pic is very sexy, it's exactly what I like about being both a woman and a little ...the dramatic transformation, the living in 2 worlds, being versatile etc.


Thanks for sharing!

Looby  :)

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just to throw some appreciation to overalls: they're cute on any little


little boys in overalls playing outside: how cute!! awwwwww

little girls in overalls playing outside: wow, adorable, I love

little ones in overalls playing outside: awww, wow, my heart


overalls in general are fantastically cute 

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I really like overalls. I think they are super cute! I really like the second picture, with the unicorn overalls, I want a pair!  :wub:

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