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Going into Little Space Tips

Guest bowprincess101

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Guest bowprincess101

Hi everybody! I’ve been trying to get into little space (my goal is between 1 1/2 to 2), a couple of times, and have a few items that I’ve used to try to help me, like pacis, coloring books, and stuffed animals. However, I have trouble focusing my mind on falling into little space, and am feeling a little worried about not being a true little, even though I still have a strong interest in being an ABDL.


Do any of you have any tips on how to fall into little space and not feeling badly about not being fully into little space? Also, what helps you fall into little space? Thank you for your help! :)

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You can't really force yourself into little space, you have to just let it happen. And please don't worry about being a "true little". You're a little if you identify as one. The only people I would call "fake littles" are those who pretend to be little in order to deceive somebody but don't actually think of themselves as little. Not all littles even have a little space.


Maybe try listening to little music or music you listened to when you were young? Maybe that could help you feel small again. You could also try dancing, just by yourself and don't try to follow a routine or particular dance moves. Dance as a child dances and it might help you feel little.


I don't feel bad because I don't even know completely what constitutes "little space" so I have no clue if I've ever fully experienced it or not. Usually, I just frequently switch back and forth between "little" and "big", identified by my voice which gets higher pitched when I'm little. I don't regress. I feel more little when I'm comfortable, either alone or with trusted people. I often feel little when I'm excited. Or thinking about snuggly things. Or when I have my hair in pigtails. Or talking to myself or to animals/plants.


I mean it when I say I frequently switch between little and big. I could be walking down the sidewalk and suddenly I see a worm! Bam - little space for a few seconds while I pick it up and bring it back to the grass or dirt. Then it's over and I'm back to feeling big again. :) And then, maybe after a few minutes my thoughts drift to imagining being cuddled by a caregiver - back to feeling little. There's even times when I'm little and talking to myself, then for a few moments switch to my big voice to say an aside or laugh at something silly I said, then I go back to the little voice to finish my story to myself. :lol: It's not really a conscious choice - I just do it automatically. But then being little for me isn't really a choice. I've been this way my whole life. A part of me always remained approximately 5-7ish even while other parts of me grew up (or just learned more and gained more skills).

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Little Teacup's post covered a lot. I might just add that ABDL isn't automatically connected to being little, or littlespace. Just be you and don't worry about labels.
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Littlespace is an interesting thing and can be very, very different for different people.


Personally I may slip into littlespace unexpectedly or not, it isn't a defined process or set of activities. It can sometimes happen after I've solved a very difficult or stressful situation or if I'm feeling sick but those things are still hit or miss.


What does get me into littlespace every single time though is my Daddy. After having discussed things as adults first he knows what types of things he can do to trigger it. I'm not saying a Daddy is necessary for littlespace but for me it makes it soooooo much more fun, rewarding and pleasant.


For example, I can colour pictures by myself, sure. Does it put me in littlespace, it may or may not. Now, if I'm sitting in Daddy's lap with his arms around me as I colour, instant littlespace.


For me littlespace is letting my inhibitions, worries, barriers and defense mechanisms down. It is a very vulnerable state with a lot of emotions and because of that it's something I only want to share with my Daddy it's part of the reason both of us have no interest in play dates or little trips with other littles. It's a very emotionally intimate state for us that we prefer to keep between us.


Daddy knows when taking me into littlespace is appropriate or not. He also knows whether it takes a bedtime story, diaper change, stroke of the nose or any of the things that he does. I don't try and force myself into littlespace, I just trust my Daddy and surrender to him, hasn't failed once.


Little kaiya

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