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Being little..and being 41

Guest Mei Mei

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Guest Mei Mei
Sumtimes i really hate that i was born when i was. Its hard to find friends who are little like me, at my age. Or even a daddy.. i mean as a woman yes i am a ddlg little but i also have a disorder where i have 2 alters , and they are small. And i dont have any friends who connect with me..at all. They are all normal people. I mean, they except me and i am so grateful but still, we have not much in common. Its deeply depressing. I dont know what to do anymore...
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I'm 41, married and genderfluid but that hasn't stopped me from finding a wonderful, young man who is my boyfriend and Daddy. Honestly, everything is relative. Age us only as important as you let it be.


As for friends, well, that's about deciding what you want from your friends. Do you want little friends, caregiver friends, friends to relax with and do fun things with, friends to travel with, friends with similar vanilla interests or what?


My wife, Daddy and I really aren't interested in little friends as we have zero interest in playdates or little parties, etc. DDlg for us is always present in our relationship, as is the fact my Daddy has collared me, but it's something we keep more private by choice as it's emotional, vulnerable and personal for us.


If you want little friends try connecting with your local community. You can always have vanilla friends and little friends too if you want. It's your life, make it what you want it to be and find your internal happiness.


Little kaiya

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