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Rule ideas?


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Kinda new to this so would be grateful for rules for a little and punishments if they don’t obey. Must be long distance tho
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Guest Chibiusa

My little and I are long distance so keeping him from breaking rule is a tad bit difficult Rules are always different depending on your little and what you both agree on.


We have a set bed time which changes on his work days. Another rule that suites my little is accepting my compliments. That one hes gotten so much better at so of course he gets rewards. We've recently started using an app that allows me to give or take away rewards for following rules. It's called s'moresup.


Talking to your little is honestly the best way to come up with rules. Its trial and error but when you find your set rules it goes pretty smooth.


Welcome by the way! Feel free to shoot me a message if you need any advice :)

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