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Any autistic members on here?

Sir Bearded Amish

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So I was wondering, they are all different people from different backgrounds and disabled too.


I'm a Daddy who has Autism, I've had it since I was young and it's one of those things that is sort of like a hidden disability


I wondered if there was any other Autism/Asperger's members on here



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Hi hi... I've been pretty open about this topic on here before. Many people, littles especially may not be inclined to advertise their status as it makes us even more vulnerable. I'm a 34 year old mittle with Aspergers. I find D/s is a fantastic coping mechanism for me. 




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Me! I have Asperger's. It's mild enough that most people don't notice, but it's definitely there.


It took me so long to realize I'm little because I always thought my "little" traits were symptoms of the Asperger's, like jumping when I'm happy or sticking my arms out like an airplane or indeed behaving childlike in the first place. Maybe there's some overlap.

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Guest Blueblinky
Def autistic over here and my Daddy is amazing with it since were still learning how to seperate my autism and littleness from eachother. Ive also noticed a large number of little autistic folx
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I’m on the spectrum!! Technically it’s Asperger’s but I got diagnosed very late, by that time that dx had been dropped. So I just say I have ASD/ am autistic
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