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I'm not entirely sure about my relationship with my "daddy"


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Hi everyone, I'm new here. Nice to meet you all.


Recently, I've met a "daddy" on omegle and I really like him a lot. We are mostly sexual whenever we talk and although I like it, I wonder if this is all that we are. The reason why i put "daddy" in quotation is because I call him daddy and he calls me princess/baby. We never talked about it, I called him daddy first and he proceeded to call me princess/baby. I can feel a DDLG energy from our interaction but I've never asked him more about it. 


Also, I get really turned on whenever he messages me so the conversation always go sexual. He's really nice and gentle as far as I could tell. I was very insecure about how I look because I wasn't happy with my face or my weight, but he said that I was perfect. I really like him and would like our interaction to maybe be more than just sex. We're long distance so I don't expect him to cater to me and baby me all the time,  or be a real daddy dom. But I kinda want to just chill and text him without everything turning sexual (although it's so hard). He's free 2 hours a day to talk to me because of his job and during those 2 hours, it's just sex. I don't mind, but It makes me sad when I think that he might just only want me for sex because I really like him and I do whatever sexual thing he asks of me. 


I want to talk to him but I'm afraid that he's going to run off because what if he only wanted sexual favors from me? I think he's very nice but I've had so many bad experiences from the past where men that seemed nice turned 180, changing into a completely different person. You're going to laugh when I say that we've been talking for 1 week, but I just feel this way you know. I can't help it. What should I do and how should I do this? 

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I would first off be concerned that it turned sexual so quickly if that is not what you want, only talking a week in my opinion is not enough time to establish the intimacy and connection that is needed in a DDLG relationship. You should certainly not be afraid to talk to him especially after only a week, if you cannot communicate your feelings now to him about what your wants and needs are what would happen in the future when there is something really important to talk about? If he does run off in my opinion so be it as why would you want to be with someone that only wants to use you for sex? 

You need to tell him directly that you want to talk more and not do anything sexual for a while as you want to build a intimate connection with him, if he bails or changes on you then screw him as you deserve to be treated properly, nurtured and adored beyond just his sexual gratification. 

Sorry for being so blunt by littles or more then "playthings." 

Good luck to you and let us know how it goes.

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Guest countlieberkuhn

I want to talk to him but I'm afraid that he's going to run off because what if he only wanted sexual favors from me?


Firstly, welcome to the forum!  Secondly, that line there really seems like an issue with a very simple solution.  Simply put, talk to him, and whatever happens will be for the best.  Either he only wants you for sexual gratification, then it's better to know sooner rather than later.  Or it works out, and you can have non-sexual chats and things will progress for the better.


I know the chats are a nice dopamine rush, but don't avoid the issue because you're scared of losing that.  

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This may sound a bit harsh but I'm going to address what sound like some red flags, in my eyes only perhaps, in your post.


Ok, you've been talking for a week, that really isnt very long at all and it almost never is enough time to really get to know someone. Usually when people say they love or even like someone in the first week it is more often being in love with the idea of the other person or the role that you want them to fill.


There seem to be some major communication gaps:

- you havent talked about DDlg but instead feel an energy

- you are afraid that if you talk to him about the fact you want conversation that isn't just sexual he'll leave

- it doesn't sound like you've talked about goals, likes, dislikes, other than sexually, if even that

- it's long distance, have you seen his pictures, does he have other partners, does he want a relationship, if so what kind?


I'm not going to assume his motivations or desires but why jump into something sexual when you dont know the person? Why would you want to be with someone who might leave if you are honest about what you want? You say you've had experiences with guys doing a 180 but then sort of set yourself up for this person to maybe do the same thing.


My suggestion, take a step back, put DDlg and sexual things on hold and have an actual adult to adult conversation. If he runs away or if he stays then at least you'll know something about his motivations.


Personally, I would run from someone who tried calling me pet names the first week they knew me or tried to make things sexual as it's very assumptive and I dont find it really very respectful but each to their own.


If you want something more than a 2 hour a day sexting session then honestly it's up to you to respect yourself and communicate that versus just doing online sexting with someone you've known for a week. If you just want sexting then fill your boots.


Little kaiya

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Hi every one, thanks for your feedback. I know objectively this situation doesn't look good. I go through episodes where I will be super excited about everything and move super quickly, and then I will crash and have to sit back and examine everything I've done. I will look at this situation more closely and also talk to him about this. 

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Here are 2 thoughts I would like to leave you with. First, your feelings matter just as much as his do. The second thing is that until you communicate your feelings he will never know how you feel or what you want. We are all adults here and I will not judge you or your motives for being sexual with someone you have know for only one week. But I do think you know what you need to do to feel good about yourself and your relationship with this man. This can also be a great experience for you to grow as your own person.

I wish you lots of luck. I feel you have all the answers you need in your heart and you will come out of this as a stronger person.

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